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How to download PropHunt???

Discussion in 'PropHunt' started by Bear., 31 Aug 2013.

  1. Bear. New Member

    How to download PropHunt???
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  2. did you miss the huge notice at the top?


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  3. spidEY シスコン

    Advertisement fits. I can now finally download PropHunt to my iPhone! :V
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  4. Big Dick Playa GM's Resident #420Fag

    Am I the only one who doesn't see this notice?
  5. spidEY シスコン

    You need to view the PropHunt section as a guest in order to see it.
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  6. Big Dick Playa GM's Resident #420Fag

    Ah, gotcha
  7. I didn't even know that exists. Create a copy of that and show it to registered members but make it dismissable so it won't distrurb us once we have dismissed it. Some people might be good enough to create account before fully exploring forums.
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