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  1. Well done for bypassing world guard, destroying my machines, stealing my energy collectors and demolishing my nuclear reactor room.

    You are successful in making me not playing tekkit on this server anymore.

    With utter hatred,

    PS. I hope you don't get a free toy in your next happy meal
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  2. I'll kick us off (as the title suggests):

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  3. Just kidding!!!

    I've further registered the domain for another 2 years, so that's 2014 till the next domain renewal.

    Catch you all later.

  4. HellJack A message was delivered, and received.

    The only reason I put this here is because it happened on the Prop Hunt server just now.

    There was a young kid by the name of "V.I.P. Dream Killer" (but with a bunch of odd characters in his name that roughly reads that) who admited to only being 12 years old.

    I told him that due to the violent nature of the game (TF2 being rated M for Mature), I would have to speak with his Mother or Father and make sure he had permission to play with us. For legal reasons, you understand.

    So, he actually went and got his Mother and put her on Voice Chat with us.

    I'm not joking.

    I politely and professionally introduced myself as an Admin of the server, and explained that the game was in fact rated M for Mature, and did she give her Son permission to be playing it. She gave it and thanks me for asking, and all in all was very pleased that someone responsible was looking out for the children who play.

    We could not believe it.

    The rest of the server was quite shocked and we all shared quite the chuckle...

    EDIT: All in all, I'm impressed he listened to me and actually went and got a Parent as requested. Who knows, we may actually have a new member of the Servers who LISTENS TO THE DANG ADMINS ONCE AND A WHILE!!!
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  5. Mole45 Dance Little Liar

    Pokémon Funnies

    Funny Pokémon pics, simple as.
  6. Another one of Tonkys epic letter finds

    I actually cried laughing at this one