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  1. Gaw discord is my friend now

    We've noticed a large increase in 'rating bombs' being thrown around recently. Improper usage of ratings can often be tactful and hilarious, I'm guilty of it myself. But just bombing threads with ratings for no good reason isn't allowed on GM, and we'll be keeping a close eye on it in the future. If you see it happen, report it to any of the senior staff, don't retaliate. It isn't difficult to remove rating privileges or issue bans. Nobody who cares about Gaming Masters wants it to turn into troll festering grounds, and inappropriate usage of lovely functionality we have available here is going to lead to that.
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  2. Geit Coding wizard!

    New Rank images.

    The title says it all, enjoy!
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  3. Dark Ruff ruff

    ...that the dedi ever worked at all previously following the systemd upgrade

    everything is grand now

    enjoy :)

    (and merry christmas!)
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  4. Dark Ruff ruff

    Finally got round to cloning Facepunch's rating system for XenForo (4 hours well spent a lot more than that now :V) - if I haven't messed up the permissions you should be able to rate posts just like on FP :)

    Merry Christmas and enjoy :3

    Legal stuff:
    Uses icons from and
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  5. Dark Ruff ruff

    Thanks Mod

    It's back :P
  6. spidEY シスコン

    Steam profile badges don't seem to display as intended on user profile pages. Here's how it looks like in Google Chrome:


    Adding the following CSS properties to the <dd> container seems to fix the issue:
    float: left;
    width: 100%;
    text-align: left;
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  7. Gaw discord is my friend now

    I'd like to remind everyone to be aware of the rules of the forums. You can access them at any time by hovering over the Misc tab and selecting them.

    In particular, be mindful of the first rule:

    This rule has admittedly become a bit of a joke; many are breaking it on a frequent basis. We will endeavour to enforce this and our other rules more heavily in the future. The report function does work, so if you see a breach of a rule, report the post or directly contact a member of senior staff.

    This post also doubles as a warning for future rule breakers. We're not going to tolerate you upsetting other members for your own amusement, even if you are being egged on by people. Warnings will be issued, and bans will be given out if this type of behaviour doesn't stop. Keep the forums a friendly place, and be excellent to each other.
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  8. Dark Ruff ruff

    • Outright ban on animated gifs, unless they are within spoiler tags. (This rule includes apng/mng)
    • Outright ban on Youtube or other videos, unless they are within spoiler tags.
    • Max overall height 250px - if this is exceeded, a scrollbar will appear on your signature. (Enforced at 1280px window width)
    • Max image width 550px - no images wider than 550px but the overall signature can be as wide as you like
    • Unlimited number of images - no fixed limit, but please keep within reason (certainly less than 10).
    • Above rules on images do not apply to images inside spoiler tags.
    These rules are in immediate effect - the situation with signatures is getting majorly out of hand.
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  9. Dark Ruff ruff

    For a number of reasons we have rebranded slightly to

    Since the start we have been an international and non-profit community, and our new domain reflects that perfectly. In moving domain we have also transferred the last remaining asset to the control of our active managers, ensuring Gaming Masters is here to stay for years to come.

    Please don't forget to update any bookmarks and favourites, especially minecraft etc. The domain may not be around forever
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  10. BeauChaotica bodyshot noob

    This is not monopoly
  11. Spykodemon Disabled account

    ads that give you viruses
  12. Dark Ruff ruff

    pics as promised


    ^ City Reach, the building the datacenter is in


    ^ nice clean xeon ready for re-pasting


    ^ Appreciate how thin this thing is and yet it can still cool like 90W worth of CPU


    ^ Old dodgy PSU


    ^ new psu installed


    ^ another angle


    ^ it's ridiculous how much smaller and lighter it is than the one it replaced. the old one filled the entire space


    ^ psu label


    ^ casually making a mess of the DC floor



    ^ one of the 10,000rpm case fans had partially seized, fucking piece of shit

    inb4 it was triggering short circuit protection in the psu and the old psu was actually fine (it was connected directly to the psu with nothing else in series)

    have now wired 4 out of the 5 remaining case fans into motherboard headers so can keep track of future fan failures
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  13. Vallun I don't take drugs I just take naps.

    Thanks, Im thinking about making it into a proper story. Get it registered at some place, then i'll send you a free copy when it gets famous...
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  14. Rioter Mad man box wearing lunatic for President


    Right, on the long way back from Hemel hempsted, stopped by at Reading services since I am starving. Should be back soon.

    Oh, and it's more like 110 miles there and back. had to take a diversion on way back because damn roadworks.

    I am a Simon Wheatley wizard you see...
  15. [​IMG]

    uhhh, something went wrong i think....
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  16. Dark Ruff ruff

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  17. Dark Ruff ruff

    Shits finished at last, brand new raid+lvm partition setup has been completed (significantly better layout than before), everything important has been copied and the new disks are working perfectly.

    Speeds are absolutely fucking unbelievable, sequential read/write speeds of 150-160MB/s per fucking disk and seek times are ~4ms. These might as well be fucking raptors. Seagate masterrace, no fucking idea how they have pulled this kind of performance out of a 7200rpm disk, without even particularly high density or 4k sectors. if anyone cares

    Also seems as an unintended side effect, the website is a bit faster. No doubt the gameservers will perform better too.

    And most importantly, these disks know how to behave themselves in a RAID and are built to 9000x higher standards. Incidentally, one review mentioned that they weigh 2x the average disk. But yeah, stability at last.
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  19. HellJack A message was delivered, and received.

    Damn, that's my level of banning.

    ...I'm just so happy...Sorry, I've got something in my eye.
  20. Dark Ruff ruff


    my fucking dog has a symmetric gigabit line in halls

    fuck you @Bluepanther
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