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  1. 24 slots

    I have changed our server lineup to two 32 slots and two 24 slots, one of each playing goldrush and dustbowl.

    I'm sure I'm not the only one that hates 32-man spamfests, and my brother's computer (which is a bit over the minimum requirements) goes to less than 10 fps rather than its usual 40-50 when playing on a 32 slot server.
  2. eoN

    Re: 24 slots

    To be honest what do you expect from 32 man servers?

    They are technically 'cracked' servers because you have to fuck with the server to get it to run 32 slots...

    Tbh I think if GM wants to be a serious clan we need to focus less on Crazytown servers or whatever they hell that maps called and focus more on maps like turbine, well etc that are fun to play on 24 slot servers. I'd love to see less goldrush and dustbowl and more rotations of course this will mean a little hassle filling them up but after a few months they will fill up themselves. Just dont give up after a week and say their not popular enough, it takes time to advertise to a different sort of community (I doubt your going to meet the same sort of people on a 24 slot no crits pub server in comparison with a 32 slot crits on dustbowl pub server...

    Also can we get crits off on the 24 slot servers? Or is that to much to ask...
  3. Re: 24 slots

    No, it's just +maxplayers 32 and voila, no need to hack server files at all.
  4. Re: 24 slots

    now eoN i want to see you more on the 24 slots now, as it been changed. happy now!

    the maps can be change if everyone votes ;)
  5. eoN

    Re: 24 slots

    Im not a big fan of goldrush or dustbowl so i doubt i will be to active on them... Throw me invites everyone now and then though ;)
  6. Re: 24 slots

    The way i think this should be done..

    I believe that hlstatsx make alot of players come back, and fight for their Rank..
    And spam servers, give people aloooot of easy kills/points.

    So to make it work and get more servers active.. get hlstatsx for each server.. that will make people wanna join the 24 slot again. and not just the
    32 slot server with easy points.

    I think you know what i mean.. but yeye.
  7. XOo

    Re: 24 slots

    but why dustbowl and goldrush always the same map why dont change the 24 servers in some other map in badlands fastlands fort or something? just something else
  8. eoN

    Re: 24 slots

    Badlands sucks on pubs..

    Id say fastland, turbine, well (dont mind which), maybe 2fort (always a laugh), dunno what else though but there would have to be a map change every 30 minutes (this works best from what ive seen) with a vote, if the vote says all the maps on the rotation it would be good...

    Also can we have a vote on turning off crits on at LEAST one of the 24 man servers? (preferable a rotation one...)
  9. eoN

    Re: 24 slots

    32 man servers where never ment to exist... i get 25 fps if its 32 people on dustbowl.
  10. eoN

    Re: 24 slots

    Spyko no one gets a decent fps on 32 man servers (im talking about the start of the round where 32 people are all spamming at once...

    The reason why is because the game was not created to cope with 32 player servers... The max player slots was ment to be 24 from what ive heard...
  11. Re: 24 slots

    true. ppl messed around with the server files to get 32 players first, then it was added as "ok".
    but 12v12 is still "spammy", so some even play 6v6 *nudge* :D
  12. eoN

    Re: 24 slots

    If you get 80fps at the start of a round (looking in the direction of the enemy spawn) then i want your graphics card :P

    (ps im talking about on a 32 slot server :P


    But yeah, I'd love to see crits off... Maybe a day or two a week or maybe special events or something (?)

    Like maybe have mondays with no crits or something, i dunno :P

    But yeah, having 24 slot servers advertises to more of the... more... serious sides of TF2.

    Personally I think crits are in place to make the game easier for less... skilled players. For example if its 1v1 soldier if one gets a crit chances are they will win easily...

    I dont know but they just make the game annoying sometimes... Theres nothing worse than walking around a corner and having a crit pipe or crit rocket smack you in the face... It just feels like a waste of time because you spawn, you walk all the way out, then you get killed in one hit.

    But yeah... i get that GM has a fun side and i agree with that but if GM wants more members for teams like F and E then they need less "noob" servers (and i dont mean offence to anyone by that but 32 slot servers just feel... well.. noobish...).
  13. Re: 24 slots

    Grenades in tf2 were replaced with crits feature. (balance)
  14. eoN

    Re: 24 slots

    No... grenades where never put in because they would cause the game to be FAR to spammy... You've seen what its like on a 32 slot server? Imagine that with 16 grenades being thrown into spawn and another 16 being thrown back out... I wouldnt call that fun >_>

    Crits are so that the game can be played by anyone ;) It makes the game a little more fair, for example if a division one is on a server in TF2 (if crits are on) you hardly notice. Where as if there's one on CS:S you will notice because they clear out everyone...

    Know what i mean?
  15. Re: 24 slots

    Grenades were and ARE in team fortress 2, models exist, some materials, but they are disabled. (You can use them with sv_cheats)

    P.s. i like critz :3
  16. Re: 24 slots

    Well said Tom Hackers, well said.

    I like crits only on public servers.
  17. eoN

    Re: 24 slots

    Yeah, but they weren't implemented because they cause the game to be to spammy and it would lower your fps alot at the start of a 32 slot server round (imagine 32 nades flying around...)

    Some people like crits some dont... its all personally preference.
  18. Re: 24 slots

    You played on tf2 servers with grenades enabled (nades mod)?
  19. Re: 24 slots

    Well I don't want to brag but it's definitely possible to have a decent FPS in TF2. My FPS is ~100 and rarely dips below ~50 even on a 32 player oktoberspamfest server.

    8800GT oc'd
    16xQ CSAA
    16x AF, the rest maxed out.

    In the meantime, if at least 10 of us make an effort to populate the servers on a regular basis then it would be great.

    Thanks and have a nice day
  20. eoN

    Re: 24 slots

    Im talking about at the start of a round... Its technically impossible as seen as the game wasnt created for 32 slot servers... But if you do then i dunno...

    But from what ive heard no one gets a decent fps on them if its all 32 people fighting etc...

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