31st of AUG Training Feedback

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    31st of AUG Training Feedback

    The first team play training session is now over. We played two maps, pro_granary and cp_freight. We had plenty of attendants on the first map, and played a match with teams of seven (on average). On freight several ppl had to go and we played a 6v6 (or 5v6 part of time). In this topic you may post your thoughts regarding the training, I have a few questions for you but you may elaborate freely.

    1) What did you like about the training?
    2) What did you learn that you consider more or less important?
    3) Consider the training format: Objectives on forums and an organized internal match as an opportunity to train them. How did you like it and do you think there is any way we could improve the format?
    4) If we organize a similar session later, would you like to attend it?

    To me this was a nice change from gathers on mpuk, I got to play in a team with ppl I knew so I really felt that our team play did improve. The level of interest was positively surprising even though all who signed up didn't attend, we still had enough players to have a good match.

    I have also some negative feedback.
    -as we are numerous and an international community, it would be fair to your fellow GM members to join the server on time
    -same goes for not playing drunk
    -with community members and recruits on server, it would be appropriate to set a good example with your behavior, for instance a leader using cheats IMO is in direct conflict with the bylaws of GM clan and community
    -I don't think that our recruits got good impression of the GM clan (but then again, it was an accurate impression, right?)
    The last question:
    Do you think that...
    a) The bylaws are to be re-evaluated?
    b) Enforcing the compliance with bylaws is to be increased?
    c) Neither - I am fully satisfied with current situation in GM.
    d) None of these but...

    Today I was ashamed to be called a Gaming Master.
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    Come have some fun with me instead Th, we can talk tacs just us :=)
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    Re: 31st of AUG Training Feedback

    To start off; I hope the democracy mentioned in said bylaws has enough of a grip here for me to be able to say this without fear of retribution...

    Regarding the bylaws...a couple of people may note I've been rattling on about them a bit recently, but since they were written by GM I don't think it's too much to expect us to follow our own rules. I think option b) Th mentioned is necessary; I've been seeing all too much ridiculous behaviour from community, clan and leader members recently. Naming no names, except Medic-Ted :P

    When I joined this clan, everyone was friendly and just enjoyed playing the game(s). There was no ill-feeling or dispute that I could pick up...we may have been laid back but at least we were just having a good time. Now, however, it seems that more recently there has been a lot of petty squabbling and power playing going on. I doubt that Core stepping down will make things any easier, but I don't think the number of people enforcing rules and morals is important; it's the general attitude that is wrong. Someone said to me "It's a gmod server; no point trying to enforce rules." You know who you are :lol: but it just made me think...why are we bothering, then? If I see people running around on a rampage or annoying the rest of the server, I feel as though I am failing in my duty as not just an admin but a GM member to let it go unchecked. If we let our own members behave like this, how can we expect to see any respect from other players when we try to enforce no excessive profanity and the like? Each time I say that I dread the reaction, which is invariably "No swearing? Are we all five?". People don't read the MOTD, that's their own problem but I don't think us messing about is helping the issue at all.

    There...that's my opinion. I can't really comment on the training session but I think clan morale has seen better days.
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    Regarding the "training" session, I didn't think it was. There was no training goals or objectives for individuals, apart from winning the game.

    If you want to train people then set up proper training sessions e.g. Set up a Soldier training session for people who want to sharpen there skills or need to train as Soldiers. Put the trainer and trainee with other Gm's on one team and invite othe gms or the regulars on the other team.

    I thought the players on my team last night were friendly and polite to each other and played well as the game progressed.

    Unfortunately in view of the overall attitude of the GM Clan, I have to agree with some of the comments of Th and Beau. I am getting the feeling there is a lack of respect and disregard for some members within the clan, and maybe some abuse of power just because of their position or who their friends are.

    Personally I really don't want to see people swearing or putting down other people on the forums, or hear negative comments made about people on the server just because someones gameplay or choice of class is deemed inappropriate!

    If you want to make comments then make them constructive and in an appropriate manner and not personal!

    I am happy to be a member of the GM clan at the moment, as on the whole we get on together well and we have fun. We just need to work on the very small negitive side of the clan.

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    Th; I appreciate it a lot that you are willing to put in the time and effort to organize these training sessions, but as mentioned before I think we have to create some kind of plan as to what we are going to do in these sessions.

    It was fun playing against other GM members instead of random publicserver-newbies but when I hear "training-session" I think about improving my gameplay by discussing strategies, tactics and sharing relevant information with each other, not playing a practice match.

    Also, I hope training sessions get taken more seriously next time. So be on time, don't get drunk, don't use cheats (I'm sorry but, seriously, wtf ???)...

    Let's make the next training session a better one, I'm confident that under Th's supervision we could learn a lot :)
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    Well, I was there. In my team at least, there was no communication whatsoever. It didn't feel like playing a pub, it felt like playing a generic pub. Not a GM pub, more like a random pub. One with people who have never seen, and will never see eachother again. There was indeed nothing involved that could be described as 'training'. I'm not pointing any fingers here, just trying to make clear that it was dull and pointless. To the people who left for seemingly no reason, without even saying goodbye, i pose the question: Why?
    To me thats a sign of lack of respect, people put their time into organising these kind of events, for all our sakes, and basically they arent getting anything in return. I at many points during this training felt like leaving as well, it was just not fun and a waste of time. But i didnt, i stayed because i think of it as unfair to just leave. Instead i tried communicating to make it more interesting. But at no point did i have a clue where my team members were, nor where the enemies were.
    Communication is key.
    I was about to write here 'It's like playing CSS with bots'. I would by lying if i did that, the bots in CSS communicate.

    For the next training I say, if you dont intend on playing seriously and communicating (Yes, its that word again), dont bother signing up.

    Also, a pointer for the next training is that indeed, it might be better to hand out tips to play each class, and try them out in a match or so ( like the first training which was about a billion times better than this last one)
    Again, I am not pointing any fingers at people in particular, more at the entire group of people in general.
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    Re: 31st of AUG Training Feedback

    Thx for your input everyone.

    @ Disco
    My view of the Sunday's training was to give everyone interested an opportunity to train certain aspects of team play, those that were clearly defined in the announcement regarding the thing here https://www.gamingmasters.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=860. During the session I remember to have asked everyone, several times, to recap the objectives. Looks like I might have not been clear enough.

    @ Styhn
    My experience in leading a training of any kind so far has not included a diverse fast-paced combat in a virtual environment using a foreign language (to me that is), so I am sure I have a lot to learn about this. That is partly the reason for question #3 in my 1st post in this topic. Plus I'm sure there are at least some members in GM who have potential for organizing an event like this, would you just come forward and give it a shot, its not gonna hurt or anything. I for one appreciate even an honest effort.

    @ Anathema
    Yeah! I'm glad you said that and I agree, that's what frustrated me to most...
    Lets do this! People need to be brave enough to have a thought or two in the public view. We already have the topic for this... https://www.gamingmasters.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=830

    @ Beau and everyone
    My personal opinion to "The last question" is that we need to have our bylaws rewritten to be more specific, although they are fine as they are now to some extent but judging by my experiences they need to have more details. Then increase the enforcement.
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