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    Figured it could be a good idea to make a thread for this for the few of us that like to mess about with hardware & chase performance or for those that wants to check out their scores out of curiosity (ofc 3dmark 2000 & 2001se dont scale that well on modern hardware so they might not show proper scores on a system built these last 5 years.)

    All benchmarks available here in this link are rather old but free. (2001se needs to be set after startup to 1 cpu core until its fully launched or start in windows 98se compatibility mode & no longer viewing the 128 mb ram or more message otherwise it never opens if you got more then 2 cpu cores.)


    (Standard settings everywhere including the drivers & benchmarks on this row for now (simply add in if you are making any changes like running it in 1080p 4x aa & similar.)

    775 rig (core 2 duo E6300 @ 3.5 ghz oc 4 gb ram 800 mhz & nvidia 9800gtx+ from xfx)
    3dmark 2001se 41373 3dmarks
    3dmark 03 44630 3dmarks

    Gonna bench my main rig & the am2+ rig with the 7800 gtx tomorrow, might check the early windows xp 775 rig as well on 3dmark 03 & 2001 se.

    am2+ rig athlon x2 6000+ at 3.1 ghz 2 gb ram 667 mhz & nvidia 7800 gtx
    3dmark 03 16756 3dmarks
    3dmark 2001se 28585 3dmarks

    Main rig, non K I5 2500 up to 4.1 ghz turbo & 3.8 on all 4 cores in 100% load.
    R9 280 8 gb 1333 mhz ram
    3dmark 2001se 68,617 standard settings.
    3dmark 03 120,274 standard settings.

    Last socket 775 rig pentium 4 2.8 ghz with HT 768 mb ram & nvidia geforce 4600ti 128 mb
    3dmark 2001se 9973 3dmarks
    3dmark 03 1935 3dmarks with sound tests done here. (got a soundblaster zs in this machine)

    Old dell inspiron 9000 laptop radeon x300 64mb gpu & pentium r M 1.5 ghz & 1.5 gb ram
    3dmark 2001se 7351 3dmarks
    3dmark 03 2022 3dmarks

    Lenovo T420 modded drivers that brings a bit more performance out of the igp
    3dmark 03 11642 3dmarks
    3dmark 2001 18052 3dmarks
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  2. Have the 3dmark 06 test from my old 775 pc.

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  3. NomNom Chompski BURNING LOVEEEE

    *note to self, bench every damm system tomorrow*
  4. -M-m- herpderp

    So hows this going then ?
    Added a bunch more of my systems there in the start. got one more to go though for 3dmark 03 & 2001se here heh.
  5. -M-m- herpderp

    Messing about with a 8300 gs atm gone from around 10k points too 13.7k points from just overclocking this little thing in 3dmark 2001se

    Final 3dmark 2001se score 14753 boosted a bit once i overclocked the cpu a too 3.0 ghz.
    doing 3dmark 2003 atm on same clock speeds. bit of memory corruption going on but it runs still.

    680 mhz core from 459 mhz
    480 mhz ram from 400 mhz
    1420 mhz shader clock speed from 918 mhz shader clock.

    Image of the cooler i modded on the fan above is the original cooler heh.

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  6. -M-m- herpderp

    Messing about with a ati radeon 9550 256 mb ddr overclocked from 250 mhz core & 200 mhz memory too 480 mhz core & 235 mhz memory doing the timedemo on map demo1.dm2 on quake 2 3.2 patch it went from 270 fps at 1024x768 too 390 at the same settings & resolution after driver tweaks too performance.
    3dmark 2001se score from just over 8900 too 11480 3dmarks. which is pretty good for just pointing a 120mm fan at it, changing two sliders & overclocking.
  7. -M-m- herpderp

    Got some hardware free recently, Asus M4A78LT-M LE max 95w cpu's only but does take a bit of overclocking despite that it seems according too some forums, 3.6 ghz isn't uncommon for the faster athlon cpu's.

    Amd athlon II x3 450 3.2 ghz unlocked too a quadcore.
    (Got a rather nice chip that has working temperature sensors while unlocked as a quad core, its something you dont see every day from these tripple core cpu's.)
    2x2 gb ddr3 1333 mhz sticks & a gtx 650 2 gb gddr5 version.
    Bit older axp 500w powersupply along with a Bitfenix comrade case (cheap & flimsy, & is essentially sending vibrations too the floor from everything.) The steel hp case had better dampening then this... Also missing a side panel, but ill use it for testing components anyway so not a problem getting a lighter case then the previous all steel hp miditower case.)
    (Only one pci-e 6 pin connector from the powersupply & is more like a decent 350 - 400w then an actual 500w powersupply, would normally not run in a system for overclocking but it works good so far, has a strong 3.3 & 5v too so might chuck it into my pentium 4 rig with the nvidia 4600 ti 128 mb or the ati hd 2400 pro & see if it helps with overclocking a bit on those cards.)

    Decided too start out with testing the power the motherboard can supply too the pci-e slot by overclocking my nvidia 8500 gt 512 mb & im pretty impressed so far, instead of having a hard wall at 730 mhz 420 mhz memory & 1500 mhz on my core 2 duo rig thats not stable in everything.
    im reaching 760 mhz stable on the core 1600 mhz shader & 430 mhz memory sucessfully running 3dmark 2001se.

    Highest score so far is 22255 3dmarks.
    Stock is 17367 - 17550 goes a bit between those two numbers on stock clock speeds in this rig.
    Original clock speed on this 8500 gt is 439 mhz core, 918 mhz shader & 333 mhz memory so reached a decent speed on this.
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    Decided to up my overclocks on my main rig, this is about as high as i can go on this 1080, Thermals creep up causing the clocks to drop, so close to 2GHz

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