A bit match training tonight

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    A bit match training tonight

    Mainly aimed at Private Community, but if you are interested in getting a bit more into matches, join us tonight (Wednesday) around 1900 gmt.

    Its a basic training in 6v6 format, we will explore the basic roles of each class and areal match dynamics in the usual match maps, nothing too fancy.

    We will gather in steam chat and look for an opponent from #tf.wars, but in case we get interested players to fill 2 teams, that is how we will play.

    The following classes will be played:
    1) scout / sniper
    2) scout / engineer
    3) soldier / heavy
    4) soldier
    5) demoman
    6) medic
    heavy, engineer, sniper have a small possibility to be played
    -get your mic in working condition
    -ask instructions (not from me) about vent/mohawk well in advance

    PM me via steam after 1800 gmt once I'm back from town OR
    ask invites to Gaming Masters chat room
  2. Re: A bit match training tonight

    i'm in.
  3. Re: A bit match training tonight

    Aprils Fool! :P
  4. Re: A bit match training tonight

    I got tricked by a friend of mine today,
    he told this morning that his car got smashed last night,
    and insurance company won't pay for it.
    I was a bit worried then he told me after lunch he only joking,
    *Happy April Fools Day* :P

    He got me :|

    anyone of you got fooled today?

    ps: sorry th for off topic of dis thread ;)
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    Im in ;)
  6. Th-

    Re: A bit match training tonight

    I am fully expecting a low- or even lower level match, but looks like we have plenty of instructors in this event. Join GM chat room.
  7. Th-

    Re: A bit match training tonight

    It was a good match.

    Lost in granary and won in badlands. Team learned some of the most elementary (and most important) facts, such as medic wont push alone, heavy stays with the medic etc. Basic stuff
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    yeah i was on source tv watching, glad to see the heavy learned to ALWAYS stay with the medic and protect him from the pesky scouts.
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    Yeah the most annoying thing as Medic is that a lot of people just come shouting for a medic, you heal them up and then they just run off again. They don't even think about protecting you or anything. It's why I hate(d) playing as a Medic. It's a lot more fun with people that know what they're doing though.

    Btw, if you need a Medic and call for one then that's fine. But running away from the Medic when he's trying to heal you and then complaining when you die from fire or something is NOT ok. :evil:

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