A few changes

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  1. A few changes

    Firstly, I have edited the stats plugin so that:

    - Zombies lose only 1 point when they die.
    - When you kill someone or die, you can never lose or gain more than 15 points.
    - I have added an HLStatsX-style thing that adds a message to your and your killer's chat windows, displaying names, scores, score changes and the amount of health the killer has remaining.

    [strike:3nmzjfxc]Also, I have added a plugin I found on alliedmodders that disallows anyone but admins to access the spectator team, which should stop people from joining and not playing, but more importantly from revealing the opposing team's tactics and/or positions.[/strike:3nmzjfxc]

    Forget that idea, instead I wrote a really simple plugin to simply block chat coming from non-admin spectators. :)
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    F3 don't work? Well people can still go in spectator when lives end lol... So they can still reveal...
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    Sounds really good! No more ghosting/exploiting will b possible, and the zombies wont lose to many points. Perfect! Gj.
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    I have just fixed both plugins, neither of which were reading the teams correctly.

    For future reference, here is the correct ZPS return values for GetClientTeam (according to Google, no one else knows this):

    #define TEAM_SPECTATORS 1
    #define TEAM_SURVIVORS 2
    #define TEAM_UNDEAD 3
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    wahaha Im ranked 1 atm xD Thx for calling me "decent"... :evil:
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    I think need edit rank system again, we lost previus people who were alltime number one, didn't play zombie, disconnected before die (to make Higher K/D rate as possible)
    Now we get another people who just farm frags (even with my 355+ hours time i'm just #12 xD)...

    How about:
    Humans get low points per kill, lose quite big count per death. (3/25)
    Zombies may get more points per kill, dont lose any point per death. (15/0)

    Also survivors may get 25 points if they win "Survivors win".
    Carrier may get 25 points, regulars 5 if they win "Zombies win". (+Do not count last survivor as zombie, do not give him anything)
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    yea i think this is a good idea, i completely agree with everything tom said except for losing 25 points when you die as a survivor...thats a little high...mayb 15 points would b a little less harsh.

    Also if this idea is decided upon i BEG (on my hands n knees) u do not reset all the stats lol....it took me 172 hours of gameplay to get this rank, i think id throw up if i had to start over lol 0.o
  9. gig

    Re: A few changes

    why not just have it so that you don't lose points when you die, since the difference in gaining points between zombie and survivor more or less makes up for it.

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