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  1. lGMl Noob M8 Jsut bad at englis

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  2. NomNom Chompski BURNING LOVEEEE

    How are you planning on "improving" it?
  3. lGMl Noob M8 Jsut bad at englis

    This is a question that will have a long answer, I will answer it after few minutes
  4. lGMl Noob M8 Jsut bad at englis

    -add ramps for going to spawn
    -add doors to spawn
    -might also add a barrier to block enemies from coming to spawn
    -improve skybox lightning
    -improve skybox texture scale
    -add 2 small health kits on top of the tower
    -fix players getting on top of the edge of blu spawn
    -fix a few problems that are not worth mentioning
    possible idea) change the health and ammo kits inside the tower to be large
    -add a ramp to get up from spawn instead of the prop
    -(possible idea) add a round timer that is set to an hour and half

    I guess that's all
  5. No elevators?
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  6. lGMl Noob M8 Jsut bad at englis

    for what?
  7. HellJack A message was delivered, and received.

    But, some of really like jumping into the enemy spawn.

    We had the option a while ago to block it, and decided against it.

    Mention them, and elaborate...please.

    I am firmly against this idea. Hell, if we could disable the middle check point all together, or move it to the skybox, and turn it into a 100% DeathMatch server, I would be all for that.

    No one caps on Orange.
  8. lGMl Noob M8 Jsut bad at englis

    Ok, thanks for the feedback.

    You still can get into spawns but someone of their team has to open the door

    I will:
    -Remove the timer
    -make capping mid longer
    Fixes are not Worth mentioning.
    There's a bug that I always seem to notice, other people don't care about it.
    Which is when you cap a point it redskins the prop just once, so if
    Blue caps first = blue prop
    Then red caps = red prop
    Blue takes it back = red prop.

    It wasn't really Worth mentioning
  9. Its fine as it is now. Thats why this map and server is the most active one for many years now. It's a fun server, no need to make any changes.
    But if you really want to do anything, add some random fires or Monoculus or something where usually snipers stand around last/second last point for both sides, now that would be a good addition. :chord:
  10. lGMl Noob M8 Jsut bad at englis

    What? I didn't say that I want it to replace the map in your server, I just asked for permission
  11. lGMl Noob M8 Jsut bad at englis

    map is on the workshop xd
    i will start counting the negative ratings
  12. NomNom Chompski BURNING LOVEEEE

    The map is fine as it is. Just sink red las point and blue last point underground so they arent cappable. Thats all the map needs.
  13. lGMl Noob M8 Jsut bad at englis

    I think there's a better solution, maybe making cap time a minute, or adding trigger_hurt/sentries/HHH/Merasmus/monoculus.

    I will never hide a control point
  14. NomNom Chompski BURNING LOVEEEE

    But thats not a real solution to f2pers capping on what is essentially a deathmatch server.
  15. Has been attempted previously:


    The original 'SE2' was a modification of the original Orange X3 by me (with some help from others that I've forgotten, possibly goat) largely to make the lighting less depressing among other things. I didn't have a clue what I was doing and still don't.

    The SE2 Fix1-7 and SE3 maps (I have copies of all of them) were by @loll as linked above. He created them with similar intentions to you, but the reason we are now sitting on SE2 Fix5A is that they began to deviate from typical Orange X3 gameplay and/or significantly change the look of SE2 and/or introduced new bugs, and were poorly received as a result.

    I believe he lost interest (and has departed GM) due to the feedback and the fact that I refused to put newer versions on the live server. I don't want the same situation to happen again

    Out of the changes you've listed I would be interested to see:

    -improve skybox lightning
    -improve skybox texture scale
    -fix players getting on top of the edge of blu spawn (only interested if this is a one-sided bug, i.e. cannot do the same on red spawn)
    -fix a few problems that are not worth mentioning (what problems?)
    -optimizations (can you elaborate?)

    I think that everything else would change the gameplay which is something I would ideally like to avoid doing

    I also cannot give any guarantees your work will be added to the live server. It is one of the few places where I apply "if it ain't broke don't fix it", because the server remains one of our last popular servers and it is very hard to quantify what makes Orange X3 (and SE2 Fix5A) fun, given the design is fucked and terrible in many ways (hence this thread!). It's very possible for a game to be ruined by being too perfect
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  16. NomNom Chompski BURNING LOVEEEE

  17. lGMl Noob M8 Jsut bad at englis

    -improve skybox lightning: alrighty i mean even should've noticed that the orange map you're using is too bright, i didn't want it to look dark, or bright, so i check the valve developer sky list and decided to replace "dustbowl" lightning with "well"

    -improve skybox texture scale:this actually wasn't necessary but i find it better scaled, by default it was 0.25 x 0.25 which duplicates the texture multiple times, so i scaled it up s bit to 5.6 x 5.6, there's also something else you will notice, i changed the 2D skybox texture, i mean if you remember joining orange, looking at the sky, and seeing nothing but blue color. Here's how the new one looks looks
    -fix players getting on top of the edge of blu spawn (only interested if this is a one-sided bug, i.e. cannot do the same on red spawn):yes this is one sided but its not big of a problem tbh.
    -fix a few problems that are not worth mentioning (what problems?): i mentioned them in a reply to helljack above.
    -optimizations (can you elaborate?): alright, this is something that i usually do in maps like this, Basically:fuck the shadows, but in return you get better frame rate, and the map size gets smaller.

    i'll undo everything you unlisted. thanks for the feedback
  18. Cactus The key is to never give up

    Just wanted to note that this ledge is really high up and I believe only possible to reach with rocket jump/sticky jump (is that what it's called? - I'm so out of touch), unless there are new weapons that allow you to do this.

    Imo it's not really a big issue, you're high up but you've got no cover and therefore are a sitting duck. In addition to this, you would only ever land on this ledge if you were attempting to. It's not really an "abusable" thing.


    @original point of this thread:

    As Dark put it, there's been many attempts to "improve" orange over the years, but we've decided against it simply because Orange is our most popular server by far, and has stayed popular over the years because it hasn't changed. Changing it could (and most likely, imo, would) kill the server. It's nice for people to try to fix the problems however it's very unlikely for the map to change much.
  19. -M-m- herpderp

    Hm how about making a version with caps sunken into the ground so you cant cap them as well & we'll have a rtv or map vote for it that admins/players can activate, that way we'll have both & get a bit different gameplay every once in a while.

    And on the version where the points aren't possible to access maybe stretch the areas on both sides so you can sit there to simply mess about/Rancho Relaxo.
    As Helljack & some other regulars usually does when they go engineer on the frontside of red spawn when its nice & quiet on that side of the map or simply no one really fighting at all.
    this ledge is what im talking about atm.

    Or are you talking about the one on the side that people can easily jump up to as demo,engineer soldier,scout on the side of the spawn rather then on top of the spawn in the corner ?
  20. lGMl Noob M8 Jsut bad at englis

    I think I'll do this instead

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