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    why is everybody cheating, why do you use this map to get achievements. well it sucks totally that nobody wants to get them on "normal" way. is it too hard for you? there a friendly people everywhere that would help to get achievements!! where does it end...?
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    i'm a career medic, and since there were so many noob meds, you COULDNT play and get them. Seriously, it's still a problem. If Valve had reset my stats, i'd have gotten them the *real* way now.
  3. Bun

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    They want new weps?

    Heh, Valve gave me mine. xD
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    Why is using the achievement box different from asking someone to help you get an achievement? Both are outside of regular gameplay. Taking the easy route is essentialy human behaviour, although IMHO the achievement box is more frustrating than regular gameplay. :p Most of the achievements are fairly easy, except for the 10k healing in one life. Thats a bit tricky, my record is 9436 and i havent gotten that high in quite a while.

    I'm glad ppl are getting the achievements another way, because they do not promote good gameplay.
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    i play medic too, but its normal when there is something new that everybody wants to play... it takes a while but at this time you could play some other class like heavy or soldier because its very good as such a class to have some medics around!

    @zero: valve thought about it, its a challenge. thats the good part of a game... when you have something to do like a task or a mission. when you try it and you fail and you are frustrated its ok to ask someone but i think it isnt ok when you dont try it. how many did cheat to get these achievements?
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    My guess a lot have been cheating to get them, i would have preferred they would keep the console commands in. The reason I play team fortress is because it has solid teamplay and a fairly good class balance. My goal is to win the map, while the achievements might be fun for someone else, i dont really need nor want them but since its the ONLY way to get the weapons i will have to do them too.

    While its is true that you dont need them, most of them only have moderate gameplay advantages, their is a shift in balance and power. I want to play and FPS not an RPG, so if i can get the achievements in any other way I would. The biggest challenge in TF2 is teamplay, since were still not in a real clan scene, we probably havent seen it.

    Think about a game in TF2 where one opposing party would totally own the other side. Thats what it would be like if an experienced clan would play against a very good public team. They would be annihalated, why? because they know there roles and the communicate.

    In the end, it all boils down too what you want from TF2. Grinding achievements was not something i wanted.
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    Good topic --

    If I could offer my two cents (is that an idiom anywhere else in the world? Do brits offer their four ha'pennies or their eight farthings?), I want to point out that some of us have lives (not that I don't envy you all a bit ;) ) and have an extremely limited time to play TF2. I jump in when the wife/kids aren't going on about this or that, and sometimes can only play for twenty minutes at a time.

    With those constraints, advancing my rank and gaining achievements is especially difficult (your pity will be accepted at this point :cry: ), and I have absolutely no moral or ethical dilemmas with using the achievement boxes to get ahead.

    Perhaps it would be more fair if HLstatsX was turned off on the achievment box map, though. :idea: Also, could we schedule times for the box to be on the server, so we could plan to get on together and help one another out? Thoughts?

    I Am Nomad

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