Admin Advice Needed!

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  1. Admin Advice Needed!

    This is a query thread for those admin/network people amongst us (Dark et al) - I'm looking to apply for a number of admin positions in various companies, and I was wondering which technologies/skills/qualifications might stand me in good stead for these roles. The roles are primarily securing multi-user internal networks, expanding/upgrading/maintaining them etc. I was thinking of setting up a few VM environments for testing and practicing etc, but obviously would rather focus my efforts on those technologies most useful in the "real world".

    Any advice gratefully received!
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    Re: Admin Advice Needed!

    --Wrong thread--
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    Re: Admin Advice Needed!

    I assume you already have some knowledge about basic networks? Not sure what you (used) to study..

    You could also look into MCSE certificate.. expensive.. but can get you a job with that more easily :)
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    You would need knowledge/Experience in SAP, Active Directory, ASP.NET, VB, SQL, Windows, Linux ect...

    In terms of Qualifications, there are the following:

    MCSE ~ Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
    [FONT=arial,helvetica]MCSD[/FONT] ~ Microsoft Certified Solution Developer[FONT=arial,helvetica]
    [/FONT]CCNA ~ Cisco Certified Network Associate
    [FONT=arial,helvetica]CCNP ~ [/FONT]Cisco Certified Network Professional
    [FONT=arial,helvetica]CCIE ~ [/FONT]Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert

    There are loads tbh and some are similar to others, if I was you I would get the prestigious Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) certification.
    Any of the above will look good on your CV but if you don't have any qualifications or previous experience working in an IT environment, you're going to find it very difficult to get a job working in the industry, especially in the current climate.
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    I know it's going to be hard, I've actually got a business degree, but only because I couldn't get the module choices I wanted on my joint hons for Computing & Business Admin. There's tons of sales and recruitment jobs around, but I can't do sales (all OTE salaries - not the best thing in a recession) and I've heard numerous horror stories from friends about recruitment, so I'm staying away from them too.

    There seem to be some decent IT-related jobs though, so I though I'd try to teach myself a couple of the more useful/popular technologies to talk about in my covering letter. I've done a decent amount of system and network building and so on , but unfortunately haven't been able to get my hands on enough real-world gear to do larger-scale network practice.
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    Qualifications ftl

    Real world experience > *
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    Well, if you don't mind you could join GData Software...

    It's in my city, and i'm sure they are looking for guy like you. :)

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