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    Ugh pdf
  2. Fromage "The Cheese"

    Re: AI Systems

    Good reading, comparing it to the Autodesk Kynapse we're using at work, seems like an interesting approach for AI that they use.

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    And it's a huge step up from the Z-War AI which is basically:

    1. Walk towards player
    2. Oh shi- a wall
    3. Spin around on spot for a few seconds
    4. Oh yay not stuck any more
    5. Continue in the same direction until the original direction becomes clear
    6. Rinse and repeat

    Well it used to be A* originally but that gave like <1 FPS (Javascript ftl :P)
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    I failed on coding an A* approach in Java for my first year AI Assignment, I think I stuck with depth/breadth search? Good read anyhoo

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