Alpha and Darkimmortal are the new Core.

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  1. eoN

    Re: Alpha and Darkimmortal are the new Core.

    No... The reason I joined GM was i was under the impression GM was a clan that took their members opinions on board and AT LEAST told them what was going on before hand so they could have an opinion.

    No this should not be removed because thats exactly what was attempted with the "drama bomb" and all it did was make it alot worse.

    Hiding something doesnt make it go away.
  2. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: Alpha and Darkimmortal are the new Core.

    and here we go again....
    Just continue in steam/ msn WHATEVER. Like I give a damn fuck. But this is becoming another fucking flamewar!
  3. eoN

    Re: Alpha and Darkimmortal are the new Core.

    PS alpha when your a little more calm remove my warning.
  4. IAmNomad Ex-Leader

    Re: Alpha and Darkimmortal are the new Core.

    No more posts here, please.
  5. Re: Alpha and Darkimmortal are the new Core.

    Locked - please settle this via PM or on Steam.
  6. Re: Alpha and Darkimmortal are the new Core.

    Unlocked on request.
  7. eoN

    Re: Alpha and Darkimmortal are the new Core.

    Okay, I was the one who asked for this to be unlocked because a few people have spoken to me about their feelings on the subject and I think they should post them here.

    (Im not encouraging flaming or a fight I'm encouraging you to use this chance to say your opinions on Alpha being leader as seen as this was not discussed at all with the clan.)

    No offense Nomad but your post:

    Isn't true... GM should take on its members feelings and opinions no matter what they are.

    A good leader needs to be able to put their personal feelings aside and listen to criticism.

    Also, openly questioning anything in a forum is what you should do... Imagine if I had messaged Alpha in steam and said "I believe you should be leader because <reasons>"? That would just cause a very large fight...

    This forum is so we can all discuss our opinions and voice our criticism, that is the reason why this clan is so large, because the leaders listen...

    EDIT: Also, Alpha I think it was a bad idea to delete your leaving topic. Now people are just going to get more and more curious about it...
  8. eoN

    Re: Alpha and Darkimmortal are the new Core.

    To be honest i dont really care why ;)

    Its the fact he was let in as leader without ANY of the clans opinions being taken into account...

    And Alpha i know you where brought in as leader because Core is standing down as leader... Thats not an excuse to bypass the recruitment process and the whole clans opinions (to my knowledge this was only discussed between Core and Darki...
  9. BeauChaotica bodyshot noob

    Re: Alpha and Darkimmortal are the new Core.

    What is this? What do you honestly expect? I'm sorry alpha but..seriously?

    How many of you complained when Gordon Brown was appointed as PM without a public vote? A majority, I would suspect. I don't see how you can justify, even in your own minds, doing this. I don't care who it is; I'd feel the same regardless.

    Darki you say that when we've sorted out the recruitment system then "this sort of thing" won't happen anymore? -_-' I thought we'd sorted the recruitment? Again, the procedures we've decided on have been bypassed, and hence undermined, and again we find ourselves with a split consensus on the subject. I'd encourage the people who I'm sure have read this and are keeping quiet to say what they think.

    Now, you're going to hate me for this; particularly those of you who've borne witness to my 'Bylaw-bashing' of bygone times, but..

    "II. Democratic Heirarchy System"

    The fact that you spelt Hierarchy wrong is irrelevant; I don't see any democracy here. Not a scrap. Particularly when people put their opinions forward and are shouted down...I don't know. I don't like where this is going......again.
  10. eoN

    Re: Alpha and Darkimmortal are the new Core.

    ^ my new god :o

    +1 to all of that.
  11. IAmNomad Ex-Leader

    Re: Alpha and Darkimmortal are the new Core.

    The recruitment process was not bypassed because alpha was a member previous to the criteria, and was a founding member of GM.
    Your opinions are important, but the bylaws clearly state: "Leaders are appointed by existing leaders." Let me remind you that this is not parliament. We do not "elect" the GM leaders. I wasn't even consulted.

    Look. You are all members of GM. But membership is a privilege. And while we do value your opinions, you MUST be respectful of the leadership and its decisions. Starting a post with, "when the fuck was Alpha becoming leader discussed..." is not respectful of the leadership or its decisions.

    Let's all try to be a little more civil and constructive with our opinions. Thank you.

    I Am Nomad
  12. Re: Alpha and Darkimmortal are the new Core.

    Give it a break will ya ! I'm not here to play matches hard core, I'm here to control and lead this clan. I'm NOT going to start flame wars here.

    Your opinion matters, yes, but do it in PM ! I know what I did before and I know it wasn't right, but I admit it and I've grown out of being the strict leader.

    This damn topic is locked, just leave it eoN, no matter what you do I wont be demoted nor removed.
  13. Re: Alpha and Darkimmortal are the new Core.

    I have been approached by a few members of GM regarding their concerns over the suprising appointment of Alpha as Leader of GM. I too was suprised with the news of the appointment to say the least!

    However, the reality is this. GM is not a true democracy. It tries to be, but as in real life people in/with power make the decisions. Principally Darkimmortal has been the individual who has had the technical expertise to keep the servers running, and through him and his technical genius we are now experiencing FREE server access. This is not to say many other key people have been involved in fundamental developement and growth of GM such as Protantus, Nomad, Core and other very active members.

    The bottom line is this, Alpha is now been given Leadership by the people that run the server. I am not not happy at the way this has been handled. If the leadership feel they need him to keep the servers going and keep them maintained then they need him I guess...

    @ Alpha, for whatever reason you have been given leadership status. Just a bit of advice mate, you now represent the GM clan and community. Do not fluff this up! People are just waiting for you to step out of line and cause a dramabomb, don't give them the ammunition. Don't go all power crazy and start banning/warning/ and kicking people off servers. Don't start messing around with stats etc. Don't be act like an idiot and retaliate in a childish manner when people disagree with you.

    However, DO listen to GM clan and community members. DO support and help them with their ideas or problems that they may have. Encourge and develop them as individuals. DO promote GM to other players and respect them. Be a positive influence.

    People have put alot of time into GM and love to be here, they enjoy the online community feel it has and love the gaming, be it fun side or the developing team match side of things.

    I guess what I am saying is just think about the consequences of your actions. IF you do fluff this up, then it will not matter if there is a GM server as there will be no GM members.


    PS Support and help are here if you need it, you just have to ask.

    PPS I am glad that this topic has been unlocked as people should be allowed to air their feelings without incrimination.
  14. Re: Alpha and Darkimmortal are the new Core.

    advice to Alpha - if you wanna do sth that will make some ppl happy, go and try to arrange a PCW for GM like every week (at least for a GM mix), i think a lot of ppl in the clan would love to participate in PCW, but we just dont have them and is hard to arrange one (like the E one with ION i tried to do, but at the end they just didnt reply), so if you want, go ahead and focus on that :)

    i dont mind you being a leader as long as you act mature and will try to help the clan (i dont care what you did in the past, just try your best right now)
  15. Re: Alpha and Darkimmortal are the new Core.

    I agree with the Nomad 8-)
  16. Re: Alpha and Darkimmortal are the new Core.

    I agreed with disco/nomad and garion,
    and yes plz, try get that ION clan sorted, unless they gone busted, lol.

    "We all learn from mistakes, but we don't expect to repeat the same mistake again. "
  17. eoN

    Re: Alpha and Darkimmortal are the new Core.

    Go on mIRC,
    Join #tf.wars,

    The layout you need to type your message is as follows:

    "<Amount of players> // <Skill level> // <Server on / off> // <Time> // <Any other details>"

    For example this is what i usually write when looking for a PCW for F:

    "6v6 // Low / Low+ // Server on // Now // PM me"

    With IRC you can organise them for any time / date but your best just doing it on the day, usually you can find a mix within 10 minutes. Also don't spam your message, if it gets bumped until it disappears on your screen type it in again but if you can see it don't say it again because it just looks nooby :(.

    But yeah its pretty easy so if anyone wants to do it feel free, I'm always up for helping...

    EDIT: Re-posted this in Match Discussion with a little tutorial ;)
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  18. Re: Alpha and Darkimmortal are the new Core.

    Alpha's technical knowledge and player skill are valuable to GM. His "people skills" are not. I'm not happy about him being re-admitted directly into a leadership role, because I don't have any respect for, or faith in him as a representative- and I'm guessing that the reason most clan members weren't consulted first is because a fair few would agree with me on this. I can understand the logic behind the process, as keeping it as a direct decision by the leadership bypasses the division that a vote would cause.

    I really hope that was a bad choice of words, because if control is your first priority, this isn't going to work.

    Maybe he's changed- but from my point of view, I just don't see it. Sorry.
  19. eoN

    Re: Alpha and Darkimmortal are the new Core.

    People keep saying it better than me :(
  20. Re: Alpha and Darkimmortal are the new Core.

    I'm not here to control you like slaves, do you really now know what the word "control" means mate ? Seriously, you have no respect for me because I kicked you for being in-active and had a really bad mouth to me.

    And thanks for the info eoN, it's the first post from you in this topic that isn't a flamed one. I'll try to arrange some mixed matches, people need to add me on their friend's list so I can see who's online. Clicky[Add to Friend] or Clicky(Chat on steam)

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