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  1. Anime Beach Volleyball ::

    It's not completely finished yet (new map (thanks to Geitiegg), proper beachballs, integration of all the models and shit into the map, and working score are all to come) but you can still give it a try on server 7. :D


    Don't expect it to be perfect - Valve don't allow player model changes in TF2 so I had to spawn a prop_dynamic and move it each frame to follow the player's position/angles and also manually animate it based on what buttons are being pressed (unfortunately srcds doesn't support all the hl2 animations so I lost my cool swing animation when you hit the ball :(). This means that there will be a slight delay between you moving and Haruhi/Konata following. You can also look behind you and see yourself, which is unavoidable.


    Anyway, 750 lines of code and counting (still quite a bit to go to beat TF2SK's 2100 lines :P)

    And once the scores are working you'll be able to see Konata in "sexyidle" stance :D (yes, that's an official HL2 animation :P)

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  2. Re: Anime Beach Volleyball ::

    OMG that's awesome! :shock: The character models are really good too which is a shock :o
  3. Re: Anime Beach Volleyball ::


    that was pretty funny last night ^^
    btw i noticed that when i rejoined teh light suddenly was much brighter, and it got even more bright when you look up into teh air, especially when you looked to the falling ball


    we gotta play this more XD

    *ball rolls out of field*
    ''okay this does not look good here... uhm..'' XDDD

    btw: i know why you guys made this ;)
    (see screen XD)

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  4. Re: Anime Beach Volleyball ::

    server 7?

    ip plz.

    it wont show up on steam :|

    edit:ip been put on topic name. thnks
  5. The Xtractor Certified Weeaboo

    Re: Anime Beach Volleyball ::

    ha cool i gotta try that :P.
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    v2 of the map (mostly thanks to Geitiegg :)) and v0.3.0 of the plugin are now up and running :D

    Changes include:

    • Now set on an awesome looking desert island with cool custom water textures[/*:m:clq8db34]
    • Proper beachball model :D [/*:m:clq8db34]
    • Fixed score system[/*:m:clq8db34]
    • Added admin-only music commands: abv_hare, abv_electro, abv_redalice[/*:m:clq8db34]
    • Added ball fix command: abv_fail[/*:m:clq8db34]
    • Added new coordinate-based 'out' detection - now detects when the ball physically passes out of the arena area, rather than detecting when it touches the ground outside.[/*:m:clq8db34]
    • Fixed a fuckload of bugs etc.[/*:m:clq8db34]
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    Yet another dead mod added to the pile :<
  8. Re: Anime Beach Volleyball ::

    lol, shame you couldn't sort out the random crashing on the bot mod
  9. Robbiebob Non Verba, Sed Acta

    Re: Anime Beach Volleyball ::

    It's kinda fun but my models of those Japanese girls didn't work, they were black and purple squared-like... Also, try
    Spyko mentioned it before...
  10. Re: Anime Beach Volleyball ::

    I tried that and it failed - one team could hit the ball so far into the other team that they could never hit it back over the net again.

    Also make sure custom model downloads are enabled and try restarting TF2 completely - that helped when Blue was getting missing textures on the ball.

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