Another ZPS server

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What server layout should we have?

  1. #1: All maps, #2: All maps

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  2. #1: All maps, #2: 24/7 (whatever map)

  3. #1: ZPO (objectives, time limits) maps, #2: ZPS (deathmatch) maps

  1. Another ZPS server

    With ZPS being now hosted by Steam, I'm pretty sure it is going to get a lot more popular, so imo this would be a good time to get another ZPS server up.

    With 2 full TF2 servers, tr_airshot running on the match server, ZPS #1 full and a couple of people on GMOD the CPU usage is around 65% (with the ZPS server taking up only 10% of that) so even with another ZPS server, we should still be able to get all 4 TF2 servers full without lag :D
  2. Re: Another ZPS server

    #3 Looks nice, anyway we have zps and zpo cabins xD
  3. eoN

    Re: Another ZPS server

    Problem is people get bored. I would say #3
  4. Re: Another ZPS server

    Well for now it's up as option 1 - it's just too awkward to maintain yet another server folder, and this way lets them both be run from the same one.

  5. Re: Another ZPS server

    2 small wishes, make a timelimit (~60-240 minutes) and hm update community page (show that there are 2 zp servers) :>
  6. Re: Another ZPS server

    Lmao connected to first server invited 5 friends, joined 3. ~5 min server full, i went with friends to second server, ~15 min and server full.
  7. Re: Another ZPS server

    Changed my mind, now i think #1 is fine. =\

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