Any of u got Street Fighter IV for PS3 ?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Danny, 5 Mar 2009.

  1. Any of u got Street Fighter IV for PS3 ?

    Any of u got Street Fighter IV for PS3 and what you think ?
  2. Ash

    Re: Any of u got Street Fighter IV for PS3 ?

    Got it on x360.. it pretty good ;p It is pretty much Streetfighter with some new moves and better graphics.. I still prefer Streetfighter Turbo2 though.

    They have moved away from using dpad for it now and you now use the analog stick to pull off combo's (which is nice because the xbox360 dpad is shit lol)
  3. Re: Any of u got Street Fighter IV for PS3 ?

    woop woop woop love it =D if u like fighters ull love it.

    compared to previous SFs its a little sluggish but still moves just as good.
    Graphically... well depends on ur taste but i love the new artistic style they have implemented into it, emotions on their faces, the small cinematics between ultra combos etc etc. always satisfying

    Gameplay... same old SF but the new gauge/focus system is simple to pick up but complicated to master.
    4 bar gauge(builds up normally from attacking) - Full bar = Super Combo, 2 bars = Cancel, 1 bar = EX move (usually adds more dmg/another atk/small invulnerability/variation depending on the move)
    Revenge gauge that builds up from taking damage - 1/2 way = Utra Super Combo, full bar = same but stronger.
    Focus system is kinda like a semi-parry/counter/cancel system all in one.

    Lifespan... depends what you want out of it =) the arcade mode is satisfying enough but the real action really takes place online. theres a feature to turn on 'challengers' while on arcade mode to allow online interruptions - just like you would in the arcade. love the competition and can make a few gd mates/sparring partners
    16 characters to begin with, 9 to unlock
    different gameplay modes - again to unlock features such as colours, personal actions, taunts, artwork etc.
    achievements system, aswell as a online achievements system where you can unlock icons/titles for your profile to 'showoff' and there are hundreds =P
    versus is where its at. gd fun for group of mates where u can hadouken the crap outta them =P

    if you have played other SFs ull feel at home with 4. its nostalgic and a classic.
    ive turned on japanese voices bcos english ones get annoying imo =P personal taste

    well if you decide to purchase it add me on PSN and we can have a game sometime if you want =) you will have to deal with me Crimson Viper, and she bites ;)

    EDIT: ahh ash u use the d-pad normally? mmm u still can cant you?

    had to add these =)
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  4. Ash

    Re: Any of u got Street Fighter IV for PS3 ?

    Still can but if you have it on x360 like I do there is no point in even trying.. x360 controllers have the worst d-pad EVER.. they changed the design.. (for what reason I do not know.. just Microsoft trying to make things their own way and failed as usual).

    It's basicaly 1 big button shaped like a d-pad rather then seperate d-pad buttons for each direction.. it makes doing diagonals basicaly impossible.. normally with a d-pad you would press up and right for diagonal top right.. with x360 controller you have to press in the direction of top right and it rarely works lol..

    You can mod your x360 controller to have a better d-pad though.. but if you have a ps3 and a x360.. get this on ps3 just so you can play it properly with d-pad xD (although the new analog system isnt to bad)
  5. The Xtractor Certified Weeaboo

    Re: Any of u got Street Fighter IV for PS3 ?

    hmm don't know street fighter.
    i only have ps2.

    the fighting game i have is dragonball z budokai tenkaichi 3. its AWESOME!!
  6. Re: Any of u got Street Fighter IV for PS3 ?

    No fighter will ever come close to One Must Fall: 2097. Grab DOSBox and try it ;)

    You know it'll be good - anything released by Epic [Mega]Games around that time was. Jazz Jackrabbit 2 (ok, slightly later) for example.

    Unfortunately it doesn't run smoothly on PSP DOSBox :(

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