any one here have ut3

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by t3rribl3on3, 28 Apr 2008.

  1. any one here have ut3

    ok i installed ut3 today. my alias is u guessed it t3rribl3on3 so who ever has it add me.
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    Yea I've got it, don't play it that much tho to be honest, you can add me Alias: Unknown_Terror, if I get on to playing it sometime I'll add you.
  3. Re: any one here have ut3

    nice avatar terror. im reading hells angels atm. ive read a fair few of his books HST is a legend.
  4. Re: any one here have ut3

    Ahh Nice one, yea HST is my Hero, I work in media currently and I'm really getting into the Journalism stuff, I just need to wait for a job opening where I work. Patience is the key.
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    thats it, i wanted to be a photo journalist and it was just way to competitive unless u go the shit house tabloid route. only only someone with no passion for journalism would do that.

    ive already get 2 more books lined up after i finish hells angels im goping to read the great gatsby and the michael palin diaries: the python years.

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