Anyone an iPhone user on here ?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Danny, 5 Mar 2009.

  1. Anyone an iPhone user on here ?

    I was just wondering if anyone was an iPhone user and what you like/dislike and which apps do you have installed ?
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    well one of my mates got one... then after that so did another... then another... now they all have iphones apart from me =(
    no complaints from it really as its so versatile and after trying it out... cant say im not tempted. =P and with the new 3G feature its even better

    donno how much they are atm but if you have the money and you are not really happy with the phone you have now, would def go for it
    problem is that if their not 'unlocked' you have to use a specific simcard
    complaints you have heard about the 'keys being too small' etc, its all a matter of getting used to the phone as you wud with any other.

    EDIT: try it out as much as you can from the shop and see if you like the interface etc. doesnt fit everyones taste
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    personally i would not get an iphone as im anti apple stuff. im looking at upgrading my phone in the next month and there are 2 phones i have ear marked.

    they are:

    htc magic - it gets released next month and runs on the google andriod os

    blackberry storm - as with all blackberry phones its awesome and is a full touch screen

    check them both out as they easily rival the iphone.

    the me iphones are just a trend/fashion thing where as the other phones will blow it out the water.

    just do your research. is all i can say really
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    lol I have one m8 I was just wondering what other users opinions was on it and the apps they have installed!

    I replaced my Blackberry with the iPhone and I'm glad I did I hate Blackberry's and my Girlfriend has the the Storm and although she likes it, I have used it and think its horrible.
    Also the HTC Magic is on Vodafone in the UK and they are probably the worst network ever.
  5. Robbiebob Non Verba, Sed Acta

    Re: Anyone an iPhone user on here ?

    Maybe I'll buy one cuz I need a new mobile phone and a new ipod (my touch is broken atm) but they're only available for simcards from 600 euros onwards... As I call like 2-5 times a week I don't need a "abonnement"... Don't know what the right English term is for that but the Google translator says "subscription"
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    yeah the storm n magic are both vodafone exclusives. im leaving o2 to change contracts as i dont feel they have any phones that suit my needs. sucks cos i wanna stay on 12 month plans and no where offers them any more. ive currently got an n95 8gb. im keeping my eye out for anything else that may come out in the next 2 months but so far they are the only phones that have taken my fancy. id get an iphone if i was not anti apple stuff as it seems alright but ill be damned if i ever have itunes on my comp also
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    Hey Danny,

    Bought a 16gb iphone the other week, generally very happy with it.

    Excellent big bright screen
    Easy interface for user
    Storage for loads of songs and videos
    Easy to use internet and youtube functionality

    Good Apps which which I downloaded include:-

    Starmap,as bit of a sad stargazer :)
    Cleartune and itick for my attempts to play the guiter
    WunderRadio - Listen to 100's of radio stations around the world - even the DAB ones. Great as I link to my radio transmitter gadget thing which then transmits a signal to my car stereo - simply marvelous! :)
    Classics - great selection of "classic" books to read whislt on the move.
    Just downloaded quickvoice which I think might come in handy for work :)
    Blocked - nice little game stuck on level 64 atm though...

    Downsides to iphone

    2mb Camera..
    I can't seem to forward text messages - I was getting alot of joke texts from m8's and sending them on etc...
    I can't just pick a song /track for my ringtone...easily anyway
    I can't bluetooth songs to friends, actually can't really do alot with the bluetooth function...
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    I'm thinking of getting one myself (I have the touch which I've used for about a year now and I really like it!) -- one question I've never remembered to ask people: Does it come with a charger that's not USB? IE one that plugs into the wall?


    Savage :P
  9. Vendetta GM's better half

    Re: Anyone an iPhone user on here ?

    I work for vodafone and am manager to I get offered all the above phones and honestly there all shit, especially the blackberry storm I got one and it kept tellign me I had 1000 e-mails, I gave it to blackberry techs to fix and they reset firmware and its never worked since,

    I have iphone it is simply theee best phone on the market.

    give me phone you think are better and I will create a list why the iphone is superior.

    but simply

    I can get any vodafone phone on a contract which gives me unlimited everything

    and I picked the iphone on o2
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    fair enough then good point.

    so my questions would be.

    can i use an iphone without itunes as i refuse to have it installed for instance can i jailbreak an iphone or can i use a different media manager to add and remove tracks to it.

    personally i really like my n95 8gb but don't really like the looks of the n96 feels too plastic.

    so you don't think that the htc magic is going to be any good? as i thought there track record is really good and they keep getting better.

    i basically want a phone that. plays music allows me to take decent ish pics on nights out, so dark clubs etc (im a photographer so i cant take my slr's when im drinkin), has gps and a decent os that i can get free apps for bit like probs some other stuff too but its to early to think.

    oh and ive discounted the storm now so it looks like i may get either a htc magic when its out or a n96
  11. Vendetta GM's better half

    Re: Anyone an iPhone user on here ?

    unfortunately thats the worst part, I'm also a itunes hater!

    but u do need itunes
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    Agreed. The camera fails as only 2mb and no flash .... Also no video record function.

    Still a good phone though, but I guess it depends what you really really need. Unfortunately I just want it all :(
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    itunes is the worst program ever wrote, and the camera's lack of features like Disco said 2Mpx is a joke, lack of Flash, Video record function is a bit of pain but the as an overall phone it is awesome, I just hope the rumours of the iPhone Nano are true and the new features that I being posted all over the web are true too!
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    there are a few really nice phones coming out i found out this weekend. like the nokia n97 or the sony ericsson idou all expected 3rd quarter of the year may have to go to simplicity till then as nothing else takes my fancy right now
  15. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: Anyone an iPhone user on here ?

    oh great software, absolutely! NOT!
    I imported an album eh
    and everything EXCEPT 1 song, And I couldn't change the song info.
    then they say its because it's a read only file
    ITS FUCKING NOT. I had to fight with Itunes for over a fucking HOUR to get ONE FREAKIN' SONG IN A LIST
    WTF! piece of crap.
    also, you cant add 1 song to your Ipod. You gotto remove everythign and then add EVERYTHING over again. wtf?
    yea sure sounds logical..... how dumb...
    further, it eats cpu and RAM like a fat American in Mac Donalds.
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    iTunes is DRM bullshit - give me Winamp/foobar2000/XMPlay any day :)

    All I expect of a music player is the ability for me to dump randomly named/quality files into a music folder with no particular structure and have it provide me with a huge organised list, which has to contain columns for file name, last played and last updated. I also expect to be able to save playlists to files. Even if iTunes provides that, I'm still not going to risk installing it - Apple software scares me.

    Oh and XMPlay doesn't count - I know my way around my chiptunes folder so it doesn't need the list of shit; only the playlist.

    And one final thing iTunes doesn't and never will have: WVS. All three of the players above have it.

    If you don't know what it is, imagine support for about 30 different apps (completely unrelated apps - IRC, fraps, ventrilo etc. etc.) rolled into one epic G15 plugin, but the best bit is having the G15 backlight flash in perfect time to the music. Let's see iTunes do that.
  17. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: Anyone an iPhone user on here ?

    nah my pc is great, but its a program to play music, and it uses 10 times as much ram then windows media player!

    what I did, was importing a complete album I ripped from a CD, every file (song) had the same information, (beside name that is) and it imported everything correctly EXCEPT the one song, Itunes made it unknown album, unknown artist, etc. while the rest of the album I imported worked fine.
    then I couldn't change the info of the song that went wrong in Itunes.
    (a bit more detailed then previous post)
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    Not me, but iPhone SDK contains iPhone emulator :P
    So i develop stuff for iPhone.

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