anyone here like photography?

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    Thats a great site mate. Whats your gear? :P

    I like photography but its mosty a hobby and i do landscape and nature the most i guess.
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    its just a hobby or me too its jsut nice to get the odd picture published and see it on a glossy magazine page
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    You've got some nice shots their.

    I've taken a few a while ago that I really liked but I haven't taken any recantly

    go to there is also some strange random ones there lmao
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    oOoo I like it, but the search engines wont like it! you could stick the non flash version as well and link it.

    it took a little while to load, is there a way to load the front page and keep loading the other content in the background {i am a noob with flash, as with most things :-) }
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    Yeah I also noticed the long loading time (about 5 minutes, lol) but otherwise, it looks great :D
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    It realy takes a long time to load the site, but hey, it's about pictures and pictures have to look good, so the presentation site should look good either ;) and the site looks really good!!

    I like your pics alot, especially the flying bicycles and the duck in the sea is great.

    I personally like macro pics alot, so one of your pics (the red flower) reminds me of my own pics =)


    i'm hosting a few of my own macro pics on my fairly unused facebook site:

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