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  1. In-game name: Apis

    Steam ID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/ApisFoo

    Location: United Kingdom,Great Britain

    Game(s)/Service(s) you are applying for: TF2 Orange x3

    Why do you think you need admin: Throught a year I have been with the gm community spending loads of hours on it but the racism spam insults in the chat sometimes get Annoying,I don't see anyone preventing these things they just insult each others some admins even ignore this kind of stuff

    Why are you more suitable than other applicants: I'm basically on steam 24/7 the latest time I'm off of steam is around 3,00 am I'm a very friendly person indeed I love helping people out and have a bit of fun I'm not the most knowen on the game but I always make new friends with atleast someone

    Current and expected activity level on the games/services in question:I am on TF2 basically all day its one of my favourite titles I'm on the orange server basically every day I do sometimes come off to go on mge but it never goes past 30 minutes on mge

    Current and expected activity level on Mumble or Discord:I am not the most active on discord but I always have it running in the backround just incase someone try's to message me

    Current and expected activity level on the forums:Isnt big at all due to me focusing on the game rather than anything also i wasnt admin so i didnt check out the forums

    Any previous administrative experience:Yes I have I use to be a moderator on TF2 Ez due to the servers being taken down also we ran it out of our pockets so it was a must be it wasn't the biggest server about 20 people at max all at once I did expierence hackers such as aimbot and I did spectate them and used different methods eg the cloak and dagger one

    Thank You For Reading This Request
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  3. Im sorry i supose i lost my chance of being admin now??
  4. ecks dee
  5. NomNom Chompski BURNING LOVEEEE

    imma say yes.

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