Are you interested in having a "highlander" server? :D

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Are you interested in a "highlander" server?


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  2. ZOMG NO

  1. Are you interested in having a "highlander" server? :D

    I just stumbled accross this very interesting thing HERE: ... ecent=2385

    Basically the rules are simple: 1 per class, 9v9.

    Do you think this would be a good idea for a server, and further: Would you PLAY on it regularly?

    Ok, i set one up :P

    make sure to tell me if it's bugged and to PLAY some :P
    it should be a map-voteable one.
  2. Re: Are you interested in having a "highlander" server? :D

    Oh boy, how old is this ruleset? Because I've been pitching this format to people as a clanwar idea, but I guess theres other who came up with it aswell.

    Imho the whole art of fortresses have been sabotaged in clan games by the dumbest format ever - 6v6. People with experience in fortress games roll their eyes in which fashion the current "pro" scene plays the game - It's basically like any other objective-based game without not much variance of the classes, strategies or styles. What this 9v9 CL1 ruleset would effectively do it would put team and fortress into team fortress. I would love to see some 'scene' to be formed around this gametype, where people would specialize to classes and make up wacky strategies and even personal friends and those who aren't only good with demo or soldier could pitch in and be valuable. So dear God, in clan wars: yes!

    ...but public servers. I honestly don't know. I personally prefer public experience just full of action and people with 16v16.
  3. Bun

    Re: Are you interested in having a "highlander" server? :D

    Sounds interesting. Could atleast have it on the server a few days and make them vote if they liked it. :)
    I think alot of people will get mad though, not playing their fav class.
  4. Re: Are you interested in having a "highlander" server? :D

    I like the idea, a different style of gameplay is always nice.

    Atleast do it for experiment ;) I'd play it
  5. Th-

    Re: Are you interested in having a "highlander" server? :D

    An excellent idea, do it! A GM highlander server sounds even better, supports training competitive style. Id play it much when possible.
  6. Re: Are you interested in having a "highlander" server? :D

    Good idea. On the plus side a different pace of game is always a nice change, love the dustbowl server but it's so frantic playing late at night it takes another hour to get to sleep. I dream about pyros rushing me while it rains grenades.

    On the down side, highlander will also highlight skill differences and could be extremely harsh on lower skilled players. Random spamming will be less fruitful than in vanilla TF2 - which is the attraction for many - also good spies and scouts could really rock on less populated/spammy maps. They get a rough ride the rest of the time imo.

    Hi btw :E

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