Austria, Amstetten

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  1. Austria, Amstetten

    Hey guys,
    a not so funny topic:

    How is Austria, and the Austrian people depicted throughout the rest of the world at the moment?
    I'm asking that, because foreign newscasts, are sad to drag us through the mire, because of the 24ages lasting incest affair in Amstetten/Austria.

    I would be glad, to hear some impressions concerning that.

    mfg Myke
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    I don't know a damn thing about Austrian people, so I can't even give you an answer myself.
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    cant really comment on austrian peopll as ive not met and spent time with enough the country is a beautiful place though. amazing architecture.

    however the thing u mentined i had hered of but long forgotten abnout i think most of thew world hjas moved on now mate and there just a few stragglers that cant let the story go.

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    Architecture isn't bad jep =) still i like London much more than Vienna. Haven't seen Manchester right now, but love the Football club =) i'm maybe going to visit the Leeds festival at some point, than i could visit Manchester as well.

    I think you heard about the "Kampush" story which was 2 years ago. Right now there is a new story out since 3 days. This new story is even worse =(

    @ main topic:
    1) I was asking this yesterday, because it occupied my mind. In Austria you just hear about that every day and night, and yesterday they said that foreign media tars all Austrians with the same brush. So i thought i'll ask you all if media really writes that bad about us. My indention was not to ask you what you think about Austrians, but what media writes about us.

    2) I think this topic isn't really suited for this forum. I'm sorry for posting it. Was just a bad reaction on a bad news. So, May someone authorized please lock this topic for me?

    3) Thx for both replies
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    Re: Austria, Amstetten

    Well, us Americans must like Austria, because California elected an Austrian as its governator! :D
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    And i like California for their great metal music scene. Avenged Sevenfold FTW!!!

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