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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Grendal, 24 Sep 2008.

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  1. [BACK] grendel says goodbye

    I warned you all of this. It came and now I go. Nobody believed me two days ago and now all is fucked up.

    here are some things I want to statisfy before I go.

    core, you are a great leader man. keep the job on, GM is great. but not what it is going atm. we had some great conversations and I would like to keep that up :)

    Beau, if you stay in GM, E is yours.

    waebi, hab dich lieb du olle sau :D ;)

    tricky, you are a goddam childich flaming motherfucker who thinks he can do what he want. (and yes, I am flaming at you now, and no, please don´t go to the leaders and start to cry.)

    Thank you for the great time I had with all of you. Maybe I could imagine to come back somewhen... maybe...

  2. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: grendel says goodbye

    This isn't only about the PM thing.
  3. Re: grendel says goodbye

    To much Q_Q.. and from a Teamleader, silly silly silly
  4. Re: grendel says goodbye

    it is not about the pm thing. I already wanted to leave at the alpha story, but core told me to stay. man, people backstab me not only ingame, I can´t be in a clan with people I don´t trust.

    I thougt this clan could never break.

    I thougt core and me are fucking friends.

    And this is now all fucking fucked up.

    PS: Thanks Spyko.
  5. Re: grendel says goodbye

    les QQ more PEWPEW
  6. Re: grendel says goodbye

    grend you didn't warn me about anything? :| or did u? :?

    anyway cya mate, but keep teh GM servers on ya fav list :P
  7. Re: grendel says goodbye

    See ya grendel, shame things worked out this way, but I hope you stick around on the servers.
  8. Re: grendel says goodbye

    Cya Grendel , u have been a great leader of E , i wish you Gl :,)
  9. Re: grendel says goodbye

    damn, you definetly made my day XD

    metaphor is the catchword :D

    and the thing with core bases on an other thing, not on the pm thing as I said before...

    haha, you are funny tricky...

  10. eoN

    Re: grendel says goodbye

    So gRend are you still in GM or have you left you seem to have not made your mind up?
  11. Bun

    Re: grendel says goodbye

  12. Re: grendel says goodbye

    Hey gRend, as leader of a team, you should really not do this. I wasn't very happy about the things that happened as well, but i won't let GM'F down because of that, and i hope GM'F is not letting me down.

    man sieht sich
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