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    I've seen on at most two servers in the past, some kind of mod called Barrelhunt. They have their own set of maps, like Lake_of_the_barrelhunt ( :lol: ) which are just chock full of the brown barrel props (or maybe they're built into the map, I'm not too sure), and the other main difference is that the Zombie team all have the same model; that of identical brown barrels.

    It's like musical statues only much more epic.

    I was wondering if we had any chance of getting a server like this without too much breach of copyright and/or dedi load. Y'know. For the lulz.
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    Re: Barrelhunt

    Garrys mod has something like this, called prop hunt.

    one team hides, the other finds, never played it. try googling it:P
  3. Re: Barrelhunt

    Barrelhunt in zombie panic: source - click.

    P.s. we already have 'right' gamedata :)

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