Beat that ?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Alpha, 11 Dec 2008.

  1. Beat that ?

    Title >asks< it..

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  2. Re: Beat that ?

    little assists -> probably stickie-camped :)
  3. Re: Beat that ?

    Well it was the loooonngggeessttt game I ever played.. think 1 hour .. I camped point 2 so badly they were started to focus on killing me first o.O

    Got a uber pyro,pyro,heavy,scout and soldier on me in ones.. took all down but uber pyo =[
  4. Re: Beat that ?

    You do know that like half of the 'players' on that server are bots, right?
  5. Re: Beat that ?

    No lol the avatars are buggy
  6. Re: Beat that ?

    Lol ya - Bots ftw...
  7. Th-

    Re: Beat that ?

    yeah, the other day I didn't know that yet but after I got 40 kills with a single sentry I started to get a little suspicious...
    Messed up my stats page, that...

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  8. Re: Beat that ?

    they are bots.. o.O Ah well they played so well I didn't think they were bots :O
  9. Re: Beat that ?

    OMFG I wish I knew the ASCII special character for those chat colours (all I know is \x04 for green, \x01 for normal) :(
  10. Re: Beat that ?

    Darki just contact their developer and ask him for some advices or stuff :)
  11. Re: Beat that ?

    i can see only green on this one O_o
  12. Re: Beat that ?

    On the second achievement Th posted there is red and achievement green (rather than the bright one I know)
  13. Re: Beat that ?

    nah, its just overbrightened imho
  14. Bun

    Re: Beat that ?

    Oh, it's that server where you can go premium and get infinite cloak, 50 hp everytime you kill someone, invulnarble tp exit, and 50% faster walk speed.

    Fun fun
  15. Re: Beat that ?

    Haha yeah it is but I already used mine like 6 hours before o.O

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