Benito is not happy

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Benito, 26 Apr 2009.

  1. Benito is not happy

    i@m sorry guys but i'm afraid i'm gonna have to leave gm 2. everyone i loved to play with and became a family with has left and to be honest i hate it! its no more a clan than it was these last few months and to be honest all these new changes thats supposed to have changed gm for the better has torn it up and i cannot stand by and see it happen any longer the family we all known as Gm has completly died and i can see that Gm is no Longer a Clan Or a community if it was we would all be here together a a gaming family now, which isn't the case.

    special thanks goes out to all members i have played with and all who have supported myself within the clan or so called (private commuity) but i feel there is no more than i can possibly to to try and revive GM

    Many thanks to all benito
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    amaan dont go dude, too many people leaving today! we needs u! ur like the 6th person to go? we've lost 4 ppl in like 10 mins this is horrible, tomorro! god knows how many will leave after waking up seing apex,savage,disco and ben have gone! (they must have already seen th's and nomads and found it horrible to believe :( )
  3. Ben you are a good person and a very determined, well driven man - I'll miss you in our matches and good luck with the future mate.

  4. sad to see you leave gm but sadly it seems thats the way things go
  5. Spykodemon Disabled account

    Today, I think there is 2 things all of the people who are leaving had in common.

    1) A love for disco
    2) The ability to participate in a clan

    At this rate, GM will be going back to like it was, How would you feel if we reinstated the clan part of GM?
  6. gl bentio.

    stick around on tf2 :)

    can someone *cough* tell me who left.

    th, disco, sav?, now benito

    It would be nice to make a thread when u leave mkay

    EDIT: found those who left :D
  7. my brother is leaving?!!?


    Ill keep in touch on msn and steam, and maybe you can come down to leicester again eh?

    gl bro, :D

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