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    Weird.. changed it.
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  3. eoN

    Re: chairs

    Lol nice chair but i dont think it would fit under my desk properly xD
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    The "Image" link isn't working in my browser :|
  5. eoN

  6. BeauChaotica bodyshot noob

    Re: chairs

    Hehe I need a new one...I've had this thing for years and now screws are falling out I didn't know it had :P
  7. Re: chairs

    Lol same with mine - it really is time I got a new one xD
  8. eoN

    Re: chairs

    Mines just very uncomfy ^^
  9. Bun

    Re: chairs

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  10. eoN

  11. Re: chairs

    i'd take #3. dunno why though, just looked at pics.
  12. eoN

    Re: chairs

    :lol: tbh third looks like the best bet but its pritty expensive.
  13. Re: chairs

    I got my from, for £50.(prices has changed)

    Staples Element Fabric Executive Chair - Blue

    it got a big back support.

    oh when buying chairs, be careful, don't buy sooo comfortable chairs that you'll fail asleep in :P
  14. Th-

  15. eoN

    Re: chairs

    Got one and i hate it so uncomfy

    You cant relax at all on it
  16. Re: chairs

    lol, my auntie has that, I tried it, it is comfortable if you sit in it properly.

    god I miss those :roll:
  17. eoN

    Re: chairs

    Lol they make me kinda slide down its annoying I like being able to sit back and lean back etc

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