Change of HLStatsX points allocation ..... WHY ?!

Discussion in 'Team Fortress 2' started by Obaruler, 7 Feb 2009.

  1. Obaruler German Rager/Spamer

    Change of HLStatsX points allocation ..... WHY ?!

    I just wanna know, why you changed the ammount of point you get for the several actions ....

    Now, I am losing -9 points for every time someone that has less points then me (which is nearby everyone) ..... that changed the way i play, because now is my biggest worry about "not to be killed" ...... well, if you wanna made me not saving the point any more / less sacrificing myself fr the team, then you did it, because now i feel punished for playing "much" on the GM servers :/

    (BTW: The fact that you havent got such abnormous points for killing higher ranked players -unlike many other servers- was one thing, that made me stay here and become a regular player on your servers and in the end wanna join ya)

    So i really would be pleased if you could switch back the HLstatsX as it was before ....... i was just hunted by 2 spys who just intended to kill me no matter what, even if they were killed by several sentrys in the next moment, i think the goal was to achieve these 9 points for killing me .... that sucked that much that I deciced to leave the server -.-
  2. Ash

    Re: Change of HLStatsX points allocation ..... WHY ?!

    Was thinking this slightly earlier.. defended point (2points) killed 3 players and got 6 points.. then got killed while defending point and lost 9 points.. so i lost 1 point in total for defending point and killing 3 players lol xD
  3. Cookiecaster |/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\

    Re: Change of HLStatsX points allocation ..... WHY ?!

    i averagly loose 6 lol
  4. Re: Change of HLStatsX points allocation ..... WHY ?!

    I belive it's fair, you're top10 :P
  5. Knud Phat beats only

    Re: Change of HLStatsX points allocation ..... WHY ?!

    I remember, from the old HLstats.. i got a lot of "24" (?) points for killing high level players... But now its "only" 6.
    I didnt had the pleasure yet of loosing 9 points because somebody killed with a lower level then me.
  6. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: Change of HLStatsX points allocation ..... WHY ?!

    The max amount of points you gain and lose for a death/kill was increased to 9.

    This is relativity low compared to the value we used to have on the old stat system. (25 points max)

    This is the point gains/losses for actions at this date:
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  7. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: Change of HLStatsX points allocation ..... WHY ?!

    Made a slight change to the kills/deaths point scoring.

    You now lose 1/2 of what the attacker got for killing you, rather than the full amount.

    They got 9 points? you lose 5. (Old system: they got 6, you lost 6)

    Hope you find that fairer :)
  8. Obaruler German Rager/Spamer

    Re: Change of HLStatsX points allocation ..... WHY ?!

    But after all, its just a PUNISHMENT that you play more on the server then other guys ...... if there would be 2 players that have the same skill, but player 1 is playing more, so he has more points .... then player 2 is fighting him, both kill each other 10 times .... in the end, player 2 got more points just because player 1 spent more time on the server ... in the end, player 1 is fucked up because he was stupid enough to stay longer on the server as player 2, in the end, both equal skilled players has the same ammount of points, allthough player 1 spent more time on it .... is that fair ?! I think no, thats what i am hating on several other servers, where you really got -24 points to be killed by "new" (not unskilled, just new) players ..... so there is just no sense in playing on such servers if you really like a ranking list, because if you are not an extreme skilled player with an extreme K/D ratio, you can quit playing on these servers ......

    The last change to the -9 just made me quiting beeing the "stupid" medic for others, because i need 5 (!) kill helpers just to get +1 damn point after beeing killed by a "new" guy ...... but the fact, that i am top10 means: nearby every damn player is stealing me -9 points -.-

    The result was - as i allready told - that i was "stalked" by 2 spys, because killing me no matter what is so worth it ..... so, if this system would be continued i would a) just concentrate on making points and fuck the team play or )b completly quit it ........ I saved on Dustbowl stage 3 my team several times from beeing overrun with surviving at the points, killing a hell lot of enemys, was best player in my team, but in the end i LOST points ..... and this is nothing but frustrating -.-'

    I still lose 9 points -.-

    I am not really motivated to keep playing on the GM servers, i just was stalked by a spy again ..... fun as hell ...
  9. Re: Change of HLStatsX points allocation ..... WHY ?!

    Without reading everything... Want to say that i played zombie panic over 300 hours and there was same system (players get quite big amount of points of killing 'daddyes' and we lost many points) and i wasn't first, wasn't in top10 and such, i belive it's fine. :) Atleast first place... was owned almost by noone, leader (Mr. top1) alltime changed :D
  10. Obaruler German Rager/Spamer

    Re: Change of HLStatsX points allocation ..... WHY ?!

    Sounds like you dont wanna change it back ........

    Well, that would mean: I will quit playing here, because imo, this is the most stupid system ever inventend and i am not playing on servers, where "this" stupid sort of HLstatsX is running because it is nothing but a punishment for people that are playing longer on a server. I will look forward to what you guys are changing on the system, but if this would stay in the current state or would be changed to an even worse system .... well, bye bye Oba ....

    I really HATE it beeing STOLEN, and I boycott servers, where this is praticed. Which means I would be forced to retrieve my application here (one of the points why i wanted to join you was, that you guys werent that crackbrained to run an unfair version of HLstatsX, which i hate as i allready said), what really would make me sad ... *cries*
  11. Ash

    Re: Change of HLStatsX points allocation ..... WHY ?!

    I think this is silly what you have said.. because the old way the stats worked the top10 was just the players that played the most.. with the new system it will be who plays the best will be in the top10..

    In my post above i said it was a bit harsh that i went down by 1 point from killing 3 people and defending point then dieing.. but after thinking about its fair because the people i killed were on lower skill points then me.

    + its not the hlstats that make the server good its the people, so sorry to see you go just because of the stats system :(
  12. Obaruler German Rager/Spamer

    Re: Change of HLStatsX points allocation ..... WHY ?!

    As i said: i boycott server with fucked up hlstatsx. I really would prefer to stay with you guys ..... but beeing punnished for playing sux too hard for me, sry, has to do with principles :cry:

    Frog Collecter Lulz is an exception to what you said btw: He is that high up in the ranking because he has a very good K/D ratio.
  13. Re: Change of HLStatsX points allocation ..... WHY ?!

    You are not being 'punished' for playing. The stats assume that the longer you have played on the server the better you will be, hence the greater the number of points you lose for being killed by someone who has only just started playing on the servers. Your skill should increase with playing time so you should still manage to be gaining points despite the harsher penalties for being killed - a system which awarded you an equal number of points for killing anyone / removed an equal number of points for being killed by anyone would not even attempt to approximate skill levels involved - this may be worthwhile as rank/hlstatsx has NOTHING to do with your actual skill level, but the way the stats are at the moment means that highly ranked players have to up their game if they wish to remain in a high rank. Lose lots of points when you get killed? Don't get killed....
  14. Ash

    Re: Change of HLStatsX points allocation ..... WHY ?!

    One thing me and Savage have just noticed is its discouraging people from doing objectives like taking out sentries and capping point because theres a high chance of dieing which isnt good..

    -9 does seem to much.. only way to go up is to get 4 kills per death..and for anyone that plays for objective and not kills its discouraging and pretty harsh.
  15. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: Change of HLStatsX points allocation ..... WHY ?!

    The script has been restarted:

    2-9 points gained for a kill


    1-5 points lost for a death.
  16. Re: Change of HLStatsX points allocation ..... WHY ?!

    I'm sorry to be a bother but could I ask what the old system was?

    I feel like the new system works in some ways but not in others. On the one hand it allows the truly best players to be "Top 10", but then at the same time the people who play the server more often get nothing. I've found the new system to be a challenge; I was able to gain to the sum of about 200 points when I was on, so I wasn't loosing points; but then again I didn't feel like I was gaining enough either.

    I've had to drastically change my position as demoman: I would normally take a medic and rush into the point (say second level/ second cap on db) and destroy 3/4 sentries even at the cost of my own life in order to bring as many of them down as possible -- now if I only destroy 2 sgs because they are spaced far apart and sacrifice myself in the process, I could potentially loose up to 10 points depending on who kills me (and if I get no kills) because of it.

    Those are just my two bits. I'm not going to complain any more as I've done enough of that, but I just want people to understand where I was coming from as both a member of GM and a regular server player. I would have preferred the old system again, or even a little warning that this was going to happen, but what's done is done and I'll move past it.


    I would also like to take this opportunity to apologise to the members of [GM] and the players of the server for my rant over the microphone in a game of dustbowl. I've had a pretty hard day at work with people ringing in sick and myself having to pull a 13 hour shift in order to cover it all; and this just put a dampener on the end of the day when I wanted to just unwind. I know it's not really enough of an excuse, but all I can do is apologise and carry on.

  17. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: Change of HLStatsX points allocation ..... WHY ?!

    (Very) Old system:
    Attacker gains 2-25 points for a kill, victims lose 1/4 of what attackers gain.
    Example: Attackman! gained 25 points [-6] for killing IDiealot!

    (newer) old system:
    Attacker gains 2-6 points, victims lose all of what attackers gain.

    Example: Attackman! gained 4 points for killing IDiealot!

    New system:
    Attacker gains 2-9 points, victims lose 1/2 of what attackers gain.

    Example: Attackman! gained 9 points [-4] for killing IDiealot!
  18. Obaruler German Rager/Spamer

    Re: Change of HLStatsX points allocation ..... WHY ?!

    You dont got my point ....

    I was HUNTED by 2 enemy spys, they both killed me even within our sentry deffense (which of course immidiatly shot them down) ... this weird behaviour was only caused, because they got that many points if they take me down, no matter if they die too at this action (killing me -dying too = is at least a nice plus) .... this was that harsh, that i left the server. I know this kind of points-geting behaviour from other server, in special case from those, were you can get +24 points for taking "higher" players down.

    Thats just my point. I wasnt medic a single time today, because it would just be contraproductive. I am damn forced to "protect" my points if i really care about them .... so i have to quit healing others (which means, i am depended from their skill to protect me, the medic - which is in most cases now a bad idea, i need 5 helpers to have a plus and to compense a death of mine) and more concentrate on "just goddamn not being killed", so i am not in the first attack line anymore, but in the second one, or not stand on the point to protect it ..... you really underestimate the psych. effect of -9 per death. I found myself playing Engineer some whole rounds, which i havent done for weeks now .....

    This has nothing to do with skill, because (as i allready stated in an example in one of my last postings) if you are a regular player, you just have to compense some sort of penalty/punishment, that forces you to more concentrate on the points, not on the match itself, because someone with equal skill just is in the advantage, because he played less time on THIS specific server .... "becoming better due to playing a long time on the same server and so hold your high.rank position" is nothing but nonsense.
  19. Re: Change of HLStatsX points allocation ..... WHY ?!

    It forces you to concentrate more on the points if you care about the points. If you care about the points too much then you don't really care about the game because you're more concerned with keeping a good rank instead of actually trying to achieve the objective, although I can see why you would want to do that - it's called Solofortress for a reason.
  20. Obaruler German Rager/Spamer

    Re: Change of HLStatsX points allocation ..... WHY ?!

    It's nothing but one motivating factor, that keeps you playing on the same server if you see some long-time results of your playing, nothing more. And I personally really care about this factor, because on servers with many skilled players it requires to play good to beat them (i am adding the "play time" to the reached points to compare myself to Tezla and Cheeze, otherwise, it would be just a question of time to overcome them >_> - and to be honest, i am a bader player then Cheeze ... the points are more or less telling me this) ..... but if you get to much points, just because the system shall compense that you are new on the server ..... the whole system is fucked up, because the "oldest" players have an extreme disadvantage.

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