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Would you want to be in one?

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  1. Clan Frag Video

    would you be interested in being in one? depending on the poll results ill post more info.
  2. Bun

    Re: Clan Frag Video

    I want, but only good at sniper to frag. :|
  3. Re: Clan Frag Video

    Yes I would :D
  4. Re: Clan Frag Video

    Yes me too :D
  5. Re: Clan Frag Video

    ok so the vote looks pretty unamanous so for whoever that wants to be in the video please can you do the fllowing things for me.

    1: recored some demos o you playing. (in console type: record name_u_want_2_call_it_here)

    2: watch the demos back for your good kills i want every one to be impressive on a range of maps if possible. note the time and the frame the kills were then email me the demo with a notepad attachement for hte kills time and frame in the demo. (to bring this up while watching a demo its either ctrl+ f2 or shift + f2, it will allow u to pausethe demo and go backward to the kill again etc.)

    3: send the email as my frag vid demos to

    4: once i have enugh footage in total (10 mins or so) i will begin to edit.
  6. Bun

    Re: Clan Frag Video

    Can't you just fraps when watching the demo?
  7. Re: Clan Frag Video

    It's better if he has the demo file so he can record it at max quality direct from the game.
  8. Re: Clan Frag Video

    what core said =D
  9. Bun

    Re: Clan Frag Video

    How to you play your video. :oops:
  10. Bun

    Re: Clan Frag Video

    Figured it out and made one as heavy. :D

    I wrote the biggest frags.
    1:30 to 2:05 Ownage!
    3:40 Sentry destruction followed by ownage.
    4:15, no frag but major lulz.
    5:20 Minor pwnage.

    Yepp, almost the first time playing heavy seriously.
  11. Re: Clan Frag Video

    heavy is good it all about tracing your target
  12. Re: Clan Frag Video

    Filename: GM_Core_07-04-2008.dem

    Some markers, I played as a demoman:

    There's some good chase scenes in the video, just watch the entire thing :) Cheers :)
  13. Re: Clan Frag Video

    I will accept what has been posted so far.


    the .dem file labeled correctly and a .txt file with all the kills you think are good and the time/frame for them again labeled correctly Playername/map/class.

    all tidied up in a .rar file with a link to it from here or preferably a link or the .rar emailed to me at

    the reasons for this are so i get evertything right and am not left guessing who frags are whos once i vut them in to the video.

    please make my life easy it will be worth it.
  14. Re: Clan Frag Video

    If anyone wants to use my rapidshare(.com) premium account for sharing the files, just ask :)
  15. Re: Clan Frag Video

    do you all want standard or widescreen ratio
  16. Re: Clan Frag Video

    also i drafted three tracks to use in the video before in to following order

    sage francis - clickety clack

    deftones - kimdracula

    nin - the beginnig of the end

    link to the mp3s will be
  17. Re: Clan Frag Video

    done some more work on the vid what ive got is looking good i just need more demos off people
  18. Re: Clan Frag Video

    Keep the demos coming people!!!
  19. Re: Clan Frag Video

    Bun just added in some of your heavy clips :D they fit perfectly

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