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    Greetings to everyone,

    First of all: the new design of this page look great!!

    I'm facing the following problem: I like this clan a lot, and i'm playing most of my time on your servers. So i thought about joining the clan, but unfortunately i'm not good enough, which has several reasons:
    - I'm playing this game since about 3 weeks (yea, yea, i'm one of the orange box owners)
    - I should write a Master Thesis instead of playing a game...

    So i thought about that situation and what i could do against it:
    What came to my mind is the following:

    What do you think about subdividing the clan in 2++ parts. Each part contains players with a certain skill level: which means there is a A-Team which uses the [GM] tag. This A-Team is the professional team, which takes part at contests and so on.
    The B-Team contains the not so professional players (like me) which enjoy the game, but are not good enough for the [GM] tag. This second part has some tag like <gm> or .gm| (the Stompfest clan SF uses .sf| for their non professional team)

    This has a few advantages i think. First of all, your core team [GM] stays small. Your clan overall size gets bigger which means it is easier to arrange training sessions just for Gaming Masters player (just in case you'd like to do such training sessions in the future)

    Well i guess that's it.
    Just a Thought.

    I'm looking forward to your replies.

    mfg Myke
  2. Re: Clan Structure

    Hello there and thank you for joining our forums. I'm glad you like the site.

    Anyway, yes at some point in the future I was thinking about doing something like you suggested. [GM] t3rribl3on3 has also suggested this to me.

    One way in which I can decide how to group the players would be training sessions. We have yet to do so.

    We are still a new clan and still have more things to improve on.

    But anyway, I will surely keep this in mind.


    Core :D
  3. Re: Clan Structure

    Surely we already have the community tags ( |gm| ) - is that not what he's looking for?
  4. Re: Clan Structure

    yeah kind of...
    the difference to the model i suggested may be just subtle. I think the difference is that the B-Team may also play in contests and act like a separate clan. Like with soccer. Here in Austria we have the the professional teams (if you can call an austrian soccer team professional ^^) and the amateur team. which plays in a weaker league. The |gm| tags is more like a fan t-shirt. A supporter tag but an actual member tag.

    Thats how i feel about it. maybe i'm wrong...

    but for now i'd be lucky with the |gm| tag as well

    may i use it? (is it used at the back or at the front of the name)
  5. Re: Clan Structure

    GM Tags Explanation


    The usage of the tags is explained in my topic. Thank you :)
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  6. Re: Clan Structure

    oh, sorry, i should have seen that...
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  7. Re: Clan Structure

    No problem, if you have any more questions feel free to ask. :D
  8. Protantus Original Member

    Re: Clan Structure

    I am not in favour of this. We are a small clan, and I believe that give us our community spirit - it is what make us different. We have some excellent players, and I believe that we all have the possibililty to improve (I know I have). So let the clan rankings decide the A-team, Core/Dark pick and others volunteer as required to fill the gaps.

    If you are playing our servers and are getting u're ass kicked, enjoy it and get better.

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