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  1. Geit Coding wizard!

    Class limits

    It took less than 10 minutes for complaints to come in about this plug-in Th requested, what is YOUR opinion on this?

    [GM] Kidcaster: class limits are ruining the population of DB
    FredWP | FU class limits:That's why there is simply NO WAY to do it without plugins
    FredWP | FU class limits: because people don't want limits
    FredWP | FU class limits:The server should not decide for people
    vampy: no class limits are not fine
    vampy: it suxx
    [GM-R] Obaruler: afk, complaining in the forum ...
    FredWP | FU class limits: GIVE ME MY CLASS
    the Dude: he is right
    the Dude :its is BS
    FredWP: wtf is that shit about
    FredWP :they didn't put class limits in the game because it ruins it
    FredWP :this is plain bullshit

    After they were turned off:

    FredWP: Class limits previously pissed me off too much to continue.
  2. Ash

    Re: Class limits

    I haven't been on today what were the class limits you added? (example: 2 snipers 3engis etc etc..)
  3. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: Class limits

    Revised class limits:

    Server #2 & Server #4:

    Spy/sniper limit: 2
    All other classes limit: 3

    Server #3 (24/7 Dustbowl):
    Engy limit: 4
    All other classes unlimited
  4. IAmNomad Ex-Leader

    Re: Class limits

    It's a public server and it's supposed to be fun. Class limits limit the fun, imho.
  5. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: Class limits

    This was not my choice, I was requested to do this by TH.
  6. Ash

    Re: Class limits

    Limiting Engy's on dustbowl I don't understand to be honest.. if a defending team has loads of engi's.. attackers just get more medics and more ubers.. its can be countered..

    Classes on dustbowl I feel should be limited are snipers because it happens alot that a team gets 4+ snipers and just keeps loosing because their snipers are to busy working on their K/D ratio rather then helping the team do team objectives.. i'm not saying snipers are not needed on dustbowl.. snipers can be very usefull for taking out medics and heavys etc which helps the team alot .. but to many snipers cause the team to fail especially ones that aren't team players. .. but then again limiting the class may stop a good sniper from choosing sniper while idiots are playing sniper..

    Just my opinion though..


    If a team looses because they have a crappy class layout in their team its their fault.. and after loosing alot.. people will change..
    Limiting classes will most likely bring arguements between people wanting to be that class causing bad atmosphere.. and like in the conversation geit said

    I agree..and if they do all go one class its their fault..
  7. Re: Class limits

  8. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: Class limits

    The out of order part is that Th and yourself would even think about making this change without consulting the clan, community or the (apparently) the other leaders.

    GM is not a pro-l33t clan, and does not need servers that force players to jump through hoops and force a change in play style. People should be able to do what they like when playing a game that is designed to be "fun".
    For this reason I have removed the plug-in from ALL GM servers.
  9. BeauChaotica bodyshot noob

    Re: Class limits

    Ok I've browsed about 3 other topics on this now..frankly I don't see where the point of discussion comes from.

    In my opinion, it should be at the very least a poll, which at a leader's discretion may then be ignored..but implementing it like this, and then having to deal with all the machiavellian mess it leaves behind? No. That's not right. The fun servers (if you want to restrict others fine but leave #3 alone at least) are about pure, uninhibited tf2 in its purest form. If that means a spamfest, so be it. That's what people keep coming for.

    Take heed of the fact that the server is full most of the time.

    To lighten the mood of this post, here's a fluffy bunny:
  10. Obaruler German Rager/Spamer

    Re: Class limits

    OK, i was told to complain in this thread, and not in my own ... xD :

    It is NOT impossible !

    - A spy annoying the deffenders with saping some sentrys, just before the uber-raid is beeing started by blu
    - 2 ubers with demo/heavy to clear up the sentrys

    It just needs abit coordination to work, but it really can be done, if the whole team is pushing after this 2 uber, non-stop pushing via teleporters is the way to win, and just as all the GM members should be able to tell you: It worx this way !
  11. Re: Class limits

    ah.. ITS MADE TO WIPE, then we move on to the next lvl.. stop crying man.. its the same for both teams, when they defend, and you defend.
  12. Th-

    Re: Class limits

    Let me make ourselves clear: Any decision of the server settings is made after discussions in leadership. We consider arguments carefully and take the community's opinion into account, which is to say satisfying the community is an important factor but not a goal.

    Our goals have been slightly modified by the current ones posted on the main page of this site, and agreed unanimously by the leaders. The changes you have witnessed today are a result of modifying our servers to reflect those values better. The conflict between some clan members was about a number of details that have been resolved, mainly the engineer limit on server #3.

    More thorough arguments are coming soon and will be posted on announcements.
  13. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: Class limits

    great. something good on the servers and then all the fucking noobs start to complain.
    I hate it when it's blue vs sentry on dbowl. So I'd say yes on engi limit. but ofc the lame noobs who cant play any other class start to whine.
  14. Re: Class limits

    personally i much prefer class limits,
    as much as i like certain classes(i.e.demo ;)) i can't play it with 5+ demos on the team,
    just as i could't play engie when there is already 3+,actually i would like to say i quite despise when this happens to games, the best way to defend is a active pressing defense.....
    btw i would to add(even though by the way this argument has gone it may not be popular) could the demo limit be 2?
  15. Obaruler German Rager/Spamer

    Re: Class limits

    The point is: I just roared out that our "pyros shall goddamn spy check" .... no reaction (nubz) as well as no chance to switch to pyro and clear up with the spy annoying us .....

    I just cant "react" to threats that appear in a very short time because of the clas limitations .... as well as the medic slots were taken by some really selfish dudes that just healed 1 person, and ignoring the rest of us dying .... but i couldnt switch to medic to help the others .... and at least, my 2 favoured classes, demo and medic, were taken most of the time, so i was forced to switch to classes i dont like that much ....

    I can guarantee you guys, that you will lose some players because of the class limitations, because the people dont like to be patronized which class they have to play.

    And ... is the problem really that some guys are crying about too many sentrys ?! Thats just the way to defend dustbowl !!!! Maybee some players should quit geting points with sniper-bitching and switch to medic/demo combo, to help the team winning, because the biggest problem is not the massive deffense, but the blu players ignoring the others at commandos like "sentrys are down, push now guys !" .... 2 ubers are in most cases more then enough to break the sentry-wall, but if there is noone following, because they prefer to stay in their' dark corner, playing the stats-sniper, then the result will be a blu fail. The whole red team could be engineer, setting up sentrys, if there are 3 or 4 ubers, they cant do anything against that ! Instead of whining about to many sentrys, you should hear to the regular's complainment about no teamwork, no push after an uber, and too many selfish players that are just interested in their points.

    Your "consequences" to make the server more fun (which i really hope, that this was your intention) isnt correct, because the problem is not the choice of the classes ..... just listen a bit to the ingame chat on the server: most people hate the classes limitation. And we still have the main problem: selfish players -.-'

    Dude, I allready won against a massive 8 sentry-wall at 2nd stage of dustbowl .... 2 heavys and 1 demo , all 3 with ubers at the same time fromt the right tunnel won it .... if you wanna complain about the "bad engineers" that just do, what they were supposed to (building sentrys to hold the point) write a letter to Valve and tell them, you know it better ... because if thery really would be that overpowered, Valve would have changed them during the last year, or would have builded in a class limitation ..... if you are not skilled enough to deal with this or if the team fails with teamplay, just change the server or the game itself, because sentrys are WORTHLESS against a team with good teamwork !
  16. Re: Class limits

    If you have an uber though, and a decent demoman, it's very simple to take out 3-4 sg with in a single go. It's not noobish, it's just the way the game plays. If blue team can't red team because of a few sgs then it is the blue team that are being noobish by not finding out where an entry point is and using it to destroy the sentry guns.

    Saying that though I do understand where the other side is coming from. When I join a team and see 4+ snipers on attack or defence, it just cripples the game for everyone else and makes things rather difficult. Although I think I prefer no class limit as it is up to the team to decide what is best and work together to win.

    Savage :P
  17. Obaruler German Rager/Spamer

    Re: Class limits

    QQ ?

    Complain at Valve's headquarters for developing the game this way.
  18. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: Class limits

    Inbuilt Class limits?
  19. IAmNomad Ex-Leader

    Re: Class limits

    I wish Tom Zarek would here. He would just shoot the quorum and do what he wants.
  20. Knud Phat beats only

    Re: Class limits

    :D Best quote of today so far ;)

    Anyways... class limit.. some other servers have it too and I don't see it as a big problem..., but if a team decided to play sentry fortress... then the BLU team should either adjust to it.. or start complaining about it....
    (And then they most likely suck at being RED the next round.. :roll: )

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