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Discussion in 'Minecraft' started by Mysteryem, 12 Jun 2016.

  1. Mysteryem The Dividing Line

    FTB Infinity Evolved Skyblock server is now up at gamingmasters.org:25566

    You will need an admin to create your island
    (me/savage/helljack). Then use the "/island join <island name>" command to go to your island.

    You can get the mod off of the FTB launcher:

    There is a handy guide for getting into the modpack available from your inventory:

    The whitelist was copied from the GM Modpack server.

    Server difficulty has been set to normal, so you will be left with half a heart if you starve.
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    first to get diamonds hype #yolo
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  3. Subv You ain't even lord of your yard


    Any idea why does this happen?
    Connecting.. Try 5 of 5 for: http://ftb.cursecdn.com/FTB2/maven/com/typesafe/akka/akka-actor_2.11/2.3.3/akka-actor_2.11-2.3.3.jar
    Asset hash checking failed: com/typesafe/akka/akka-actor_2.11/2.3.3/akka-actor_2.11-2.3.3.jar sha1 7ebb01add780e557f7c68d5a114f454875c35b2c
    Error occurred during downloading the assets

    Edit: Tried to delete all the modpack files and reinstalled, didn't help.
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  4. Mysteryem The Dividing Line

    One thread suggested antivirus could be causing problems. Try going into the launcher's options and changing your setting for "Use Internet Proxy to download files?". If that doesn't work, try downloading the file manually and putting it in libraries\com\typesafe\akka\akka-actor_2.11\2.3.3\ (libraries is a folder in the FTB launcher's install folder)
  5. I've just started out - went to single player to try and sort out a cobble generator and after 4 designs I think I've found the one I'm going to go with... hopefully the whole island won't burn down :V
  6. Mysteryem The Dividing Line

    I did the same thing, though tried to use as little dirt as possible, I sat in singleplayer for like 10 minutes just waiting to see if the wood slabs I'd used would catch fire. If there's no space for the fire to spawn, it looks like I can put the lava source block directly on top of a wood slab, but it still worries me greatly.
  7. I was lucky - it began to rain and as soon as it did I was like "DO IT NOW!" - here's my progress so far:


    Now to get cobble and sort out some flooring!
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  8. Subv You ain't even lord of your yard

    Putting the file manually worked, thanks myst <3

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