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    Yeah, previous server didn't go so well. Going to stick with what works. This is the latest pack from FTB and is available on both the legacy FTB launcher (what we used before) and the Curse client. Server ip is "gamingmasters.org".

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  2. Looks good Mysteryman! I shall be sure to pop on this weekend and hopefully make some kind of dent in one or two of the packs!
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    I have been playing the pack solo for the last few days and it is hella fun because it's more of a challenge. It feels really different from most things we have played so far. The Tough as nails mod (an adventure and RPG mod) is really nice. You now have a more realistic sound when walking of different surfaces. You now can get too cold or too hot and there are seasons now too. It's a real challenge to get started instead of the insta "I have pretty much everything I need" in the first few hours.

    This is from the FTB launcher and might give a better idea of the different mods.


    Heart of a Miner is a lightweight Modpack with around 60 mods that tries to include all the basic functions without having mods with tons of overlapping features. This pack adds mods that cover a variety of topics including; magic, technology, difficulty, utilities, and exploration. It adds a lot of fun content in an well balanced fashion through custom recipes and config tweaks which balance the power-curve between mods making all mods included viable to delve into.


    One large aspect that is largely ignored by vanilla minecraft is immersion, but Heart of a Miner does a great job of addressing this issue with new features and game mechanics. Mods like Biomes O' Plenty, Dynamic Surroundings Unofficial, Bloodmoon, Hard Mode Tweaks, Agricultural Expansion, Auto Sapling, and Tough As Nails help immerse you into the world.


    This Pack is focused on a combination of Mekanism and EnderIO for complex technology mods. For the less-complex end of the spectrum there is some low-tech mods for practical uses such as; Tinker's Construct, Ceramics, Simple Quarry, Persistent Bits, Chisel & Bits, Not Enough Wands, and Ender Compass.


    Magic in Heart of a Miner is focused all around the Blood Magic and Roots mods.


    For the different aspects of storage there are a few different options included in Heart of a Miner. Some options include Iron Chests, Storage Drawers, and Rucksacks.

    Quality of Life Tweaks

    Also included in the Pack are some general purpose, quality of life, and improvements based mods. Some example mods include WAILA, JEI,Xaero's Minimap, Neat, Fast Leaf Decay, Just What I Needed, Quark, and AppleSkin.

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