Command to crash server

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    Some screenshots

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    If i had the power........ (blood dust)
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    Does any one else subscribe to the HLDS update list?

    any way there is a topic about another exploit on it at the moment

    its basically flooding an open listen port, and it appears that any tf2 servers are exploitable, you just type in the IP and click nuke.

    It shows itself by overloading the servers cpu and you end up with players teleporting arround and it lagging really badly.

    Its not yet preventable I think, I will forward anyone the thread if they would like to look into it.
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    Can you PM me the info please? I need to try and secure the servers from any further exploits.

    Thank you
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    nuke apps have been around for years a mate got banned from the school compters for 3 mnoths for nuking the server. and that was back in the 98 days. we was 14 then so 9 years ago
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    There are also people pirating tf2!! their steam ids look like this:

    # userid name uniqueid connected ping loss state
    # 14394 "unnamed" STEAM_666:88_666 42:55 335 0 active
    # 14230 "RIM" STEAM_666:88_666 4:26:14 196 0 active
    # 14420 "HitmanForMoney" STEAM_666:88_666 13:26 72 0 active
    # 14347 "JellyBean" STEAM_666:88_666 1:34:25 240 0 active
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    Pfft there is another command to crash as well:


    the way to combat it would be to set it as a cheat (don't know how to do that though)
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    Shit, that command works :O

    If you want to test it, not on the GM servers please :D

    Had to remove the command just in case, but if anyone wants it, PM me.
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    I think I can add that command in here to block it:

    #pragma semicolon 1

    #include <sourcemod>

    // Global Definitions
    #define PLUGIN_VERSION "1.0.0"

    // Functions
    public Plugin:myinfo =
    name = "Benchmark blocker",
    author = "pRED*",
    description = "Blocks usage of the sv_benchmark_force_start",
    version = PLUGIN_VERSION,
    url = ""

    public OnPluginStart()
    new flags = GetCommandFlags("sv_benchmark_force_start");
    SetCommandFlags("sv_benchmark_force_start", flags|FCVAR_CHEAT);

    CreateConVar("sm_benchmarkblock_version", PLUGIN_VERSION, "Benchmark blocker version", FCVAR_PLUGIN|FCVAR_SPONLY|FCVAR_REPLICATED|FCVAR_NOTIFY);

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