Concerns about Eon

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Core, 7 Dec 2008.

  1. Concerns about Eon

    I joined the GM match server a few minutes ago, it was in the middle of a 3vs3 bball game and pissmidget invited me for a game a few minutes or so before I joined.

    (I entered the game)
    L 12/07/2008 - 12:53:54: "[?M] Feliz Navidad<62><STEAM_0:0:11127607><>" entered the game
    L 12/07/2008 - 12:54:24: "GM'F. eoN^<57><STEAM_0:1:6212024><Blue>" say "Core we're in the middle of a 3v3 dont ruin it and make it 4v3"
    L 12/07/2008 - 12:55:17: "GM'F. eoN^<57><STEAM_0:1:6212024><Blue>" say "fucking lame seriously one of you sit out..."
    L 12/07/2008 - 12:55:43: "GM'F. eoN^<57><STEAM_0:1:6212024><Blue>" say "Fucking hell one take my place then"
    L 12/07/2008 - 12:56:29: "GM'F. eoN^<57><STEAM_0:1:6212024><Blue>" say "Core seriously gtfo"
    L 12/07/2008 - 12:57:12: "GM'F. eoN^<57><STEAM_0:1:6212024><Blue>" say "4v4 bball is shit"

    (Bear in mind, all I did was join the game)

    L 12/07/2008 - 13:06:28: "GM'F. eoN^<63><STEAM_0:1:6212024><Red>" say "Core next time if i invite you to something and you dont reply dont join without saying anything"
    L 12/07/2008 - 13:06:45: "[?M] Feliz Navidad<64><STEAM_0:0:11127607><Blue>" say "and who are you?"
    L 12/07/2008 - 13:06:46: "GM'F. eoN^<63><STEAM_0:1:6212024><Red>" say "Expect that we already have someone"
    L 12/07/2008 - 13:07:03: "[?M] Feliz Navidad<64><STEAM_0:0:11127607><Blue>" say "Don't make me kick you from GM"
    L 12/07/2008 - 13:07:11: "GM'F. eoN^<63><STEAM_0:1:6212024><Red>" say "Are you fucking shitting me?"
    L 12/07/2008 - 13:07:16: "[?M] Feliz Navidad<64><STEAM_0:0:11127607><Blue>" say "nope"
    L 12/07/2008 - 13:07:18: "[?M] Feliz Navidad<64><STEAM_0:0:11127607><Blue>" say "try me"
    L 12/07/2008 - 13:07:34: "[?M] Feliz Navidad<64><STEAM_0:0:11127607><Blue>" say "learn some manners"
    L 12/07/2008 - 13:07:48: "GM'F. eoN^<63><STEAM_0:1:6212024><Red>" say "Hahah mate your the one that needs to learn some manners"
    L 12/07/2008 - 13:08:11: "GM'F. eoN^<63><STEAM_0:1:6212024><Red>" say "if you want to join a match and its already got 3v3 at least ask first"

    Had a little argument with him (clearly Eon was the aggressive one here) and I threatened to kick him from GM, I've had enough of his condescending attitude and his lack of respect for anyone.
  2. Re: Concerns about Eon

    Agree on the attitude - it wasn't his game and it's not his server - anyone could have joined. This is how the first highlander failed no? He thought it was his match so he could do what he wanted???? Fail tbh.
  3. Re: Concerns about Eon

    eon sent this to me via PM and only to me

    GM'F. eoN^ : Core next time if i invite you to something and you dont reply dont join without saying anything
    [?M] Feliz Navidad : and who are you?
    GM'F. eoN^ : Expect that we already have someone
    GM'F. eoN^ : o.O
    [?M] Feliz Navidad : Don't make me kick you from GM
    GM'F. eoN^ : Are you fucking shitting me?
    [?M] Feliz Navidad : nope
    [?M] Feliz Navidad : try me
    [TP] Kr@zy : kicking someone from the clan just for that?
    [?M] Feliz Navidad : learn some manners
    GM'F. eoN^ : Hahah mate your the one that needs to learn some manners
    [?M] Feliz Navidad : "core gtfo"
    GM'F. eoN^ : if you want to join a match and its already got 3v3 at least ask first
    [TP] Kr@zy : stop your arguing "kids"
    [TP] Kr@zy : and play
    GM'F. eoN^ : Yes because you joined when we had already started
    [?M] Feliz Navidad : I'm a grown man don't need to grow up :)
    GM'F .| EPICvintageTURBOmidget : POW
    GM'F. eoN^ : o.O you sure as hell arent acting like it
    What i say is in italics, what core says is underlined and what anyone else says is bold.
    This came after he joined and i said "We already have 3v3" "Core go spec" etc etc and he refused so then i said "Core gtfo" and then when he didnt i left, then he left and only piss and krazy where left so i re joined and went spec then he joined again without even being invited...
    Just so you know what your "Founder" is getting upto.
    removed all the kills etc.
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    Just got that via PM :| (like alpha, only to me)
  5. Re: Concerns about Eon

    I've attached the full log here, I've got nothing to hide

    Attached Files:

  6. Re: Concerns about Eon

    Looks like he's out, he wanted us to punish core lol

     Never tell your password to anyone.
    7. desember 2008
    14:53 - GM Alpha: sorry mate cant back you up there, you could have asked him nicely to leave except for swearing
    14:53 - GM Alpha: I'll try to help you but only this onces
    14:53 - GM'F. eoN^: Sorry but threatening to kick me out of gm is to far
    14:53 - GM'F. eoN^: And if he doesnt get punished for it im out of GM
    14:54 - GM Alpha: what kind of punishment do you think he will get ?
    14:54 - GM'F. eoN^: I dont give two shits
    14:55 - GM Alpha: wait you expect us to remove him from GM ?
    14:55 - GM'F. eoN^: No...
    14:55 - GM'F. eoN^: I expect GM to punish him in a way they see fit
    14:56 - GM'F. eoN^: if i said that to someone what would happen to me?
    14:57 - GM Alpha: we cant punish him mate, he's the former of this clan and if anyone would be punished it would be you, sorry mate
    14:57 - GM Alpha: I'll try safe your ass this time but not again
    14:58 - GM'F. eoN^: Then i dont want to be in GM
    14:58 - GM Alpha: its fully up to you if you want to stay or not
    14:59 - GM Alpha: no-one is forcing you to stay, but if you want to be in this clan your attitude will have to change
    15:00 - GM'F. eoN^: If you want this clan to be an utter shit hole carry on like this with letting core get away with whatever he wnats
    GM'F. eoN^ has changed their name to eoN^.
    15:00 - GM Alpha: what on earth do you expect us to do ?
    15:01 - eoN^: Fucking punish him
    15:01 - eoN^: I dont give 2 flying shits how
    15:03 - GM Alpha: sorry, but we cant punish him. If your leaving the clan then I just wish you good luck in your future. Just watch your attitude before it gets you kicked from more clans.
    15:03 - eoN^: Look GMs fucked if you let people get away with whatever they want
    15:04 - GM Alpha: ok look let me explain how this situation is
    15:05 - GM Alpha: example "you come to work, swear and tell your boss to get the fuck out. He threadens to fire you and you expect him to be punished by people who have lower powers"
    15:05 - eoN^: No.
    15:05 - eoN^: Thats nothing like this
    15:06 - GM Alpha: yes it is, you could have asked your "boss" nicely to leave instead of swearing
    15:07 - GM Alpha: this is not the first time your attitude gets you in troubles, I am willing to give you one last chance to be in this clan. If you screw up again your out for good
    15:08 - eoN^: I told someone who behaved like an arse to gtfo the server
    15:09 - eoN^: Thats it
    15:09 - eoN^: Hes not a leader anymore
    15:09 - eoN^: If he wants to be treated like a leader why the fuck did he make a standing down post
    15:09 - eoN^: Hes an arse he just wants power but to not have to do anything but use it when HE wants to
    15:09 - eoN^: Its pritty much the reason why youl eft
    15:10 - eoN^: Like he ditched you with all the "bad guy" admining and he took all the good guy stuff
    15:10 - eoN^: But all hes done now is say "Im still your boss but you cant come to me for help"
    15:10 - eoN^: Its just fucking bull
    15:10 - eoN^: And ive lready left GM
    15:11 - GM Alpha: sorry then mate, good luck in the future.

    He left.
  7. Re: Concerns about Eon

    [center:q7oic38x]----Moved to clan chat----[/center:q7oic38x]
  8. Re: Concerns about Eon

    Yup he sent me a bunch of that stuff as well, even though I was in the game... Well done Alpha - nicely handled :o I had a chat to him on Steam and said pretty much exactly what you said - it's his attitude, and always has been - he didn't see any connection and saw today as an isolated incident.
  9. Re: Concerns about Eon

    :lol: eoN is out words there in alpha chat(at teh end), all he does is swear.

    yea, what I think about eoN,
    -he has no respect for others(non-GM and GM members in this clan)

    -he always make sure he's right and do what he wants.

    -got no manners at all. :|

    totally agreed there. :)
  10. Re: Concerns about Eon

    he'll probably be back, after he's had time to think and apologize. he's not always like that, but he is unpredictable and even slightly unstable- once he's got some perspective on it all this drama should go away...

    but it sounds like from what core says that this isn't an isolated incident. what else has happened besides the highlander hissy and this?
  11. Re: Concerns about Eon

    Incidents with Spyko
    Incidents with Tricky
    Eon's highlander was "me, myself and I"

    He did have 4/5 warnings, I reduced it to 2/5 and finally 0/5. He's had several chances and also:

  12. Re: Concerns about Eon

    fair enough. out he goes
  13. Re: Concerns about Eon

    PISS LMFAO! :lol: :lol: :lol:

    But seriously, what a ridiculous mentality on eon's part :|
  14. Re: Concerns about Eon

    And this is who got tricky kicked out. The better of two evils? Right.
    I respect both of them in their own way, but tricky was never this horrible behaviour-wise.
  15. Re: Concerns about Eon

    seems like i made some wrong decisions :\ There where 2 reasons why i preferred eoN to Tricky:
    • eoN respects me, tricky doesn't[/*:m:m7mtb5ng]
    • eoN put a lot of effort into GM'F, while Tricky stopped doing that because of pain(t)ball[/*:m:m7mtb5ng]
    The mayor difference between Tricky and eoN:

    Tricky is insulting because he says everything that comes to his mind, when it comes to his mind and without transforming it into an adequate language

    eoN is insulting because he has a wrong view of reality (like thinking he decides what happens on your/my server) and is not tolerating anything that didn't come from him
  16. Re: Concerns about Eon

    My post was posted in a hurry, after a long day of hard work (math exam). Therefore it doesn't reflect my thoughts properly.
    Tricky only had/has one flaw: elitism. An extreme form of that as he has zero respect for anyone with much lower skill than his.
    He doesn't try to hide this, and, although this makes him an asshole to most people, he is at least being honest.
    Eon was/is usually a nice guy. He's always had a distorted view on reality. One of the previous drama-bombs, related to the pm-reading incident, led to eoN, who had joined GM like a day before the bomb, talking to Core in a condescending way. You just don't act that way towards the leader of the clan you've just joined.
    Now, at least it feels that way to me, it's as if he's been on drugs for the past few days. First there was the thing with his highlander.
    The highlander where everything was about the maps he wanted to play, regardless of the opinion of others. Now, for seemingly no reason (afaik), he turned into a total madman and started raging like there was no tomorrow.
    I don't regret your decision, Myke, at the time it felt like the best thing to do (even though eon's refusal to play with tricky was horribly childish)
    What I mean to say is: If tricky continued his flaming to most people, which no doubt he would have, there was or is no room for him in GM.
    If eon continues to be this unpredictable, neither is there for him.
    I'm posting this at 6am, I will finish this post later, and excuse the potential grammatical/spelling errors, or things which generally don't make sense :)
    PS. @ Myke: Tricky respected you, and everyone in F and Z, just not anyone else :)
  17. Re: Concerns about Eon

    Anathema I think you're right - Tricky respected people in the teams and just got so into the games he was playing that it got a bit annoying, at least he would admit when he was wrong and DID actually stop the flaming part of his in-game commentary when spoken to (I thought he was actually very polite/fun to play with towards the 'end'). The same can't be said about Eon - he has to be right all the time and will not give ground on any point, he also lives under the delusion that democracy is an effective form of government, although this does not seem to have made its way into hid highlander - note that Core has not taken to saying 'My clan, my decision', unlike Eon with map choices, his position on how things should be run is hardly coherent... Anyway, he's a good demoman and now he's out of the clan hopefully like, ALL of the drama will go with him :)
  18. Re: Concerns about Eon

    Well, I was intending on flaming you into oblivion in order to hopefully launch another drama-V2.
    Shouldn't I, then? :?
  19. Re: Concerns about Eon

    Your dark fire will not avail you flame of Ul
    .... Sorry, sorry.... I perch here in my Ivory Tower immune to your flames! Did you mean your "drama-V2" to have the double meaning? Very clever if you did :)
  20. Vacoy some sort of fucking fish

    Re: Concerns about Eon

    holy crap, I'm not checking the forum for just this ONE day :O

    Btw, I already saw this one coming.

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