Confirmed For Brawl

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Dark, 7 Sep 2008.

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  1. Confirmed For Brawl

    Notice to all Community members who have not yet seen the huge discussion in the private members-only forum:

    If Confirmed for Brawl contacts you on steam, ignore anything (s)he says or claims others have said and DO NOT click any links (s)he sends, even if they appear legitimate. Instead, send them to me so I can analyse them :)

    (S)he is no longer a member of GM and is not affiliated with GM in any shape or form.

    To all recruits/future recruits: Do not be like him/her. You will fail in life.
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  2. Re: Confirmed For Brawl

    was a horrible nick anyway.
  3. eoN

    Re: Confirmed For Brawl

    Sorry but that made me lol.
  4. Re: Confirmed For Brawl

    Some of us don't have access to the private forums as only community members... :(
    Hmm, so we're treating him/her as a potential threat then?

    Incidentally, the "Gamingmasters website" link on his/her SteamID page appears to link elsewhere:

    Never noticed that one before. Related?
  5. eoN

    Re: Confirmed For Brawl

    Yeah its a virus
  6. Re: Confirmed For Brawl

    Oh how lovely. No, Confirmed For Brawl, you are not my Steam Friend. No sir. Begone! :evil:
  7. Re: Confirmed For Brawl

    Javascript off, opened page, nothing special just picture... (I have NoScript plugin that block anything in my browser :p)
  8. eoN

    Re: Confirmed For Brawl

    It tries to open mIRC :S
  9. Re: Confirmed For Brawl

    So that's what that activex control does. :o (Luckily no-one in their right mind uses internet explorer any more :P)

    The sound spamming isn't a trojan though ;)
  10. Re: Confirmed For Brawl

    Yea activex... i have everything disabled... exclude pictures %)
  11. Re: Confirmed For Brawl

    It does seem a little pointless though...didn't think Brawl was the kind of person to do that, though I didn't know them very well.
  12. eoN

    Re: Confirmed For Brawl

    Same I knew him alittle, sometimes chatted, and i didnt expect he would turn out to be... hmm whats the word that i could say on a forum... err... okay this

    I didnt expect him to be such a <beeping> piece of <beep> <beep>


    Sorry... energy... drinks... make... stuart... very... HYPARRR... :D :twisted:
  13. Re: Confirmed For Brawl


    Oh well, I don't know the story behind this, but then this is the internet, you get all kinds I suppose.
  14. BeauChaotica bodyshot noob

    Re: Confirmed For Brawl

    This is, indeed, the internet; where men are men, women are men, and little girls are government agents.
  15. eoN

    Re: Confirmed For Brawl

    Kinda scary to think that who your talking to could be anyone... like they could even be your neighbor :s Sorry i find that rather strange to think that someone you talk to ingame could be just around the corner from you o.O
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