Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Core, 24 Sep 2008.

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  1. Core

    I'm quitting as leader, maybe permanent, I don't know yet. My punishment for intruding privacy. Will be flying next week anyway.

    I'm aware Z and F are in ETF2L so I'll give the RCON password so you can still administer the server for tournaments.

    I don't get paid to do this but if people are going to run riot it makes me think "why do I bother?" and waste my time.

    I hope things will be calm after the storm when I get back, but with some of the immaturity in this clan, I don't know if that will be possible.

    Leaders in charge: Darki, Waebi, Myke

    On strike
  2. Re: Core quits

    core, I think you better change the subject, it shocking to see it, but not when we read it. ;)

    exactly, core has done a big JOB for all of us.

    Have a safe flight, core. :P
  3. Re: Core quits

    come home safe and be GM´s leader again...

    you were the best I´ve ever had.
  4. eoN

    Re: Core quits

    Er... that wasn't the punishment that was discussed, i thought everyone agreed that you would be demoted for a week but because your on holiday for 2 you would be demoted for the next 3 weeks.

    And why are you going on Strike. you where the one that was in the wrong and you got a punishment like everyone else would... seriously don't leave or go on strike it just looks stupid IMO. Also the whole "Will be flying next week anyway." just seems to make it look like you don't care... please I've talked to a few people about this think about what other people might perceive your posts / comments to be and think twice otherwise some people can get the wrong idea. I hope I've just miss understood you...

    EDIT: I am not saying at all that you have done a bad job, you made a mistake, just take the punishment, which to be honest is nothing really, and take some time and think about it because you need to regain my trust (i cant speak for others so i dont know how they feel, but i think at least a few feel the same).

    Also you cant expect us to be sympathetic to the fact that you do alot of work at the moment we know this but its not the time to say it at the moment lets just get the next few weeks over and done with then after we can forget about all of this.

    Talk to me on friends when you get on and I will explain more what i mean.
  5. Re: Core quits

    Let's just get the clan organised again by the time Core gets back and hopefully he will return as leader. :)
  6. Re: Core quits

    Well, I for one wholeheartedly think Core should be the leader, of course. He's a legend. Have a nice time mate, at least now you have less stress for a few weeks? 8-)
  7. Re: Core quits

    I wrote my post in haste, I'll be leader.

    Leaving in the latter part of next week, back October 19th.
  8. Re: Core quits

    :) :) :)
  9. Re: Core quits

    I'm back as leader, I've discussed this with the parties involved and we have come to an agreement.

    We will now be making big changes in GM to prevent another drama bomb from exploding.

    Our aim is to solve the trust and disrespect issues that have caused some GM members to leave recently for a brief period of time.
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