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  1. cp_gamingmasters map

    today i got bored when i com home from school and started on a map
    its a cp map and have 3 cp taht cp in middle need to be taked of 3 pp
    Download link: http://www.sendspace.com/file/fc814s
    her some pic of mapp bhut this is not all map is going to be used on server 4

    NEW MAP old has cp bugg all cp was named blue house new mapp is upploaded

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    Looks really good so far - we'll probably stick this on one of our 2 upcoming new custom maps only servers (hosted by spitfire :evil:).
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    lol [irony] why the devil eyes?!
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    Cool, what did you make it with???
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    This map has a lot of potential but it looks good so far. Keep it up :D
  6. Hammer editor its in steam source SDK then hammer

    thx bhut remember i maked it fast i am gona make mor maps so look arounde.
    Btw sry my bad eng all :(
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    Your map has been uploaded to [GM] GamingMasters.co.uk #4 || Private/Match Server || HLStatsX
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    Hello! I finally got round to playing this map: sorry about the delay! XD

    I really like this map, and it could become really good!! :D

    And I am really sorry for the negative comments below, I really am! But its meant to be constructive! really sorry


    • It appears that you have given some things in your map the same thing ~ two things can't be called the same thing! check for this (and other problems) by clicking "tool's > check map for problems" (remember to do this before compiling! unlike me who normally forgets...)[/*:m:27kui5uz]
    • Screenshots two and three ~ the purple and black checker-board overlay on shiny textures (this includes the sniper scope when the sniper is carrying the sniper rifle)[/*:m:27kui5uz]

    This is quite complex and deals with the way that the Half-Life2 engine displays reflections. What it does is it takes little screenshots in-game of all the different textures and where they are in relation to reflective things - these little screenshots are called cubemaps. What you have to do is insert an "env_cubemap" entity into your map in hammer editor; just above wherever there is a shiny thing - like a control point. THEN ingame when you have finished your map and are just about to upload it to the internet:

    • [list:27kui5uz]
    • Go into console by pressing `
    • type mat_hdr_level 0[/*:m:27kui5uz]
    • Reload the map (do this by just typing map yourmapname)[/*:m:27kui5uz]
    • after it has loaded type "buildcubemaps" without quotes[/*:m:27kui5uz]
    • type mat_hdr_level 2[/*:m:27kui5uz]
    • Reload the map again[/*:m:27kui5uz]
    • after it has loaded type "buildcubemaps" again.[/*:m:27kui5uz]
    • then distribute your map[/*:m:27kui5uz]

    • Remember I still love you![/*:m:27kui5uz]
    • Your respawn room doors are not team specific, see this tutorial: http://www.fpsbanana.com/tuts/4566[/*:m:27kui5uz]
    • The first screenshot, your ceilings are too low!! lol sorry!![/*:m:27kui5uz]
    • All screenshots ~ there are no icons in the bottom for the control points (the ones that tell you how many control points are captured and whos capturing what etc.), I think that this means that you need a master control point entity, this is like what controls the rounds and controls all the control points[/*:m:27kui5uz]
    • Some of your spawnpoints are not clear (i.e. they are too close to other things) remember that you have to put them one unit above the floor to stop them getting stuck to the floor as well lol :-)

      Note that you can see where these are by looking at your console (`)

    • There was another little thing that I spotted in your console:
      This means that you need to link the triggers that you put as resupply zones with the model (have you noticed that the doors don't open when you heal yourself?) this could also be caused by using the same name twice :-)[/*:m:27kui5uz]
    • Remember that I still love you no matter what![/*:m:27kui5uz]
    • ALSO this was interesting: (from your console)
      (I can understand why you have done this, you have obviously followed a door tutorial online, and got a little bit confused; i think)
      What you need to do is just select your door and go into it's properties and delete what ever is in the "parent" field. You only need to do this when you haven't used a normal block of concrete as a door :-)[/*:m:27kui5uz]
    Please don't let me put you off mapping forever D:

    And ask me if you have any questions!! :D

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    My god I am so critical :-(
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    o Go into console by pressing `
    o type mat_hdr_level 0
    o Reload the map (do this by just typing map yourmapname)
    o after it has loaded type "buildcubemaps" without quotes
    o type mat_hdr_level 2
    o Reload the map again
    o after it has loaded type "buildcubemaps" again.
    o then distribute your map

    * Remember I still love you!
    * Your respawn room doors are not team specific, see this tutorial: http://www.fpsbanana.com/tuts/4566

    thx man i will do a map uppdate today and gona add cube map in map so tey wont be purple shit and i am gona fixx the ather things to

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