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  1. This is my attempt of making a map in CS:GO for funsies

    (Totally not because I am banned from competitive)

    I was wanting to make a map, that had lots of enclosed areas and side alleys. Based loosely around Glasgow. I want to get your guys opinions on how I can make it better and post some progress photos and the like.

    Here is the first thing I made, it's the T spawn. I don't know if I should make it bigger, enclosed or keep the sky open.


    Next to the spawn through that room is another little room with 2 windows overlooking a smallish courtyard, I made it shorter as it was about 4 windows long before, now it's 2.


    (I am going to be adding more props as we go, this is just the base stuff right now)

    The other route the T's have is a corridor which can lead to the courtyard but I want to extend it through to another area. As well as having this exit.


    (Ignore the texture, it's the default one and I don't think anyone will be able to see it)

    The next is the courtyard with the hostage in it, this is the most iffy area and I think the T's are too close too the hostage, I might move the courtyard out a bit and make the windows face onto a narrow alleyway that leads to the courtyard.


    (Theres Bot Harold being a champ)


    • Make the rest of the map (duh)
    • Push out the corridor and make another area for which the CT's to use and the T's to defend
    • (?) Move the hostage area out and make the alleyway.
    • Elevators

    I NEED your suggestions I am rookey noob and I need your help guise
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  2. Where's the elevators?
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  3. Fixed
  4. Cactus The key is to never give up

    this is one fucked up porno
  5. Locust The Great Yeelord

    Make the T spawn area a little bigger and all the areas need to be a little more open (nothing ridiculous but a little space in the places you've shown need more space). Can't really say much else until things such as props have been added but apart from that it's looks like it has great potential. Keep it up Dogling
  6. Update

    Made the Alleyway leading to the stairway that connects to the other hostages.

    Lightning glitches Ahoy (will be fixed when I know how)

    Here's the stairway connecting them all

    Hostage might be put up here

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  7. With spawns you also need to remember that each side needs a certain amount of time to get to A or B.

    For example, it needs to take, for example, 8 seconds approx for either team to reach A, B or mid

    It's all about balance with CS maps. You can have a Dev texture map that is perfectly balanced and super fun to play, or a very detailed map with bad balancing and layout and nobody will play it .
  8. I highly recommend this playlist from 3kliksphilip.

    It is a map he made called de_sparity and he goes into huge detail about important topics voer 13 episodes.

    Really, really useful!

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  9. Mystia the Schnitzel Delivery Guy

    we need ph_town for CS:GO, and more broken elevators.
  10. I am going to remove every single prop and start from Scratch. Here is the new T spawn, has been pushed back.


    The time to get to the bomb for T is now 8 seconds which is perfect.

    A Bombsite is here


    Roofs still need to go up sadly

    CT Spawn, is pretty shit I need to rethink it


    Outside of CT, easy access to the A Bombsite

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  11. put a sharpie in the hostage's ass

    Looking pretty neat so far, I think you may have gone a tad overboard on that stack of barrels though.
  12. Na, he is making a ph map for cs:go it actually needs more barrels.
  13. You also gotta be careful with your lighting - you can't have the walls of an entry too dark because you may struggle to see somebody against it.
  14. Map felt too claustrophobic so I've rethought the map. Here's a crude drawing on photoshop


    What do you guys think, I think it's pretty good, I'd need to see how long it takes for T's and CT's to reach the bomb sites and if hammer stopped fucking crashing I could make the 'prototype'

    / / - For Doors
    | | - For Windows
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  15. Cactus The key is to never give up

    CT are meant to get to the bomb sites first right? Looks like it's gonna be pretty equal.
  16. I think they are meant to get there around the same time. But only obviously if the T rush the bombsite. Nearly every single time even if the times are equal CT's will have a chance to setup.
  17. Cactus The key is to never give up

    Well it's just because on mirage, CT will get to the sites before T easily
  18. The MC Official GM PropHunt Manager

    I get the feeling that the southwest area will just be barren, unused map, why would someone ever go there? Or at least T should have a slightly less loopy way of getting to B.
  19. Also make sure that elevation plays a part in your map - flat maps are uninteresting. You can have zones on top of other zones
  20. [​IMG]

    This is the T Spawn, opinions please. Is it too dark, does it look like a grimy Glasgow sidestreet? Do I need to move anything

    (I don't know what to do with the roof, ideas? It's outside so I can't put anything over
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