Custiom TF2 Crosshair colours

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  1. Custiom TF2 Crosshair colours

    Custom crosshairs for TF2.

    IMO the default crosshairs are huge but the designs are ok, so these are simply the default crosshair designs (credit to valve) but smaller and in a variety of colours.

    Copy/Paste the colour you like into your:

    \Steam\SteamApps\username\team fortress 2\tf\materials\sprites

    Directory (if you do not have this directory then create it) and rename to Crosshairs.vtf


    I personally use red

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  2. Re: Custiom TF2 Crosshair colours

    This isn't detected by VAC, is it?

    I'm assuming no, but still...
  3. Re: Custiom TF2 Crosshair colours

    changing crosshair colour is totally finr by vac. its not a running executable that help you aim it just changes the colour of your crosshair. i personally always use a red one no matter what game i am playing. note games like quake and unreal tounament give you an option to choose which crosshair colour you use.

    so changing your croshair colour is not a hack.
  4. Re: Custiom TF2 Crosshair colours

    Should be fine, it's not a memory hack or anything which VAC2 checks for.
  5. Re: Custiom TF2 Crosshair colours

    why doesn't it work anymore
  6. Poxie Ray-Banned

    Re: Custiom TF2 Crosshair colours

    This is over a year old my friend. Valve added the option to edit crosshairs anyway...

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