DarkiSock Suggestions

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  1. DarkiSock Suggestions

    If these haven't already been considered/implemented...

    A few more IRC commands:

    Syntax: !servers
    DSock: There are 96 players out of 160 slots on our servers. !serverinfo for more!

    Server Info*
    Syntax: !serverinfo
    DSock: TF2: ballonrace, arena, dustbowl, rotation, rotation2, scoutsknives
    DSock: ZPS: zps1, zps2, zps3
    DSock: ZM: zm1, zm2, zm3

    Server Info (Cont.)*
    Syntax: !serverinfo balloonrace
    DSock: GamingMasters.co.uk #1 -- Balloon Race -- HLStatsX | | 24/24 | cp_dustbowl

    Player List (Could be quite hard to do)
    Syntax: !playerlist <server>
    DSock: RED: Player 1 (12), Player 2 (35), Player 3 (8), Player 4 (31) | BLU: Player 5 (41), Player 6 (34), Player 7 (22), Player 8 (16)

    Back when I was a TFC admin for Jolt, we had a really cool bot which did quite a lot of this. It made finding players (and games!) a lot easier and quicker.

    Commands marked with an asterix would be cool to have ingame as well.

    I'm just throwing these ideas out for consderation, I'm not expecting them to be implemented ;)
  2. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: DarkiSock Suggestions

    It used to have !servers which would do the same as your server info, don't know what happened to it.
  3. Robbiebob Non Verba, Sed Acta

    Re: DarkiSock Suggestions

    It's not working than Geiti?? Like 1 or maybe 2 days ago I used that command and it worked fine...

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