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    DarkRP Semi-Serious/Custom Content

    What makes this server unique?
    A great question, and it's the reason I haven't made a server in the past. Why put up a half-assed DarkRP server when there's tons of others that have done the same thing? Clearly, the only solution is to make it not half-assed. Below are some of the nice advantages of our server:

    1. We're running the recently released DarkRP 2.5.0, the latest version. The gamemode can be updated instantly with no issues, where as the majority of servers are on 2.4.3 and can't update at all.
    2. We already have the greatest essential custom content. This includes unique upgradeable money printers, a nice scoreboard, an inventory mod and a foolproof anti-propkill system.
    3. All of our jobs are carefully crafted, all with a unique purpose and often new player models. It's always better to have a limited amount of excellent jobs, than a ridiculous amount of shitty ones.
    4. It's linked to our other GMod servers with PointShop, ULX and donator benefits. And it's linked to all of our other Source servers with Darkisock.
    5. We have a powerful dedicated server and internet connection that most other servers could only dream of.
    6. All bills are already paid, so all donated money goes directly towards new content for the server.
    7. We have a cohesive, intelligent set of rules. All in the interest of making your time as fun as possible.
    8. And most importantly, we have a strong commitment to improve. More players + donations = New maps, more slots, your favourite custom content and all new unique custom content.

    What does semi-serious mean?
    It's a place between serious RP (typing/acting absolutely everything you do) and stock DarkRP (a cacophony of death, spam and rule breaking). All players in our server are expected to follow the main rules, the basing rules and the class rules. Ignorance is not an excuse, you can afford 5 minutes to read them. Nobody receives special treatment, this is not the place to come and troll.

    Do Clan Members get anything?
    All Clan Members have an increased inventory size. If you wish to receive more benefits, please consider making a donation to the server. It will greatly facilitate the growth of the server.

    Please do step on the server soon and invite your friends! As usual if you have any comments, questions, suggestions or problems I am eager to hear them. Reply below, or add me on Steam.

    Thanks to @Hellreaver for providing very valuable input during development, and thanks to @Cactus + @spidEY for donating during development.
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  2. Gaw discord is my friend now

    • Added Rules tab to F4 menu
    • Made a list of useful commands at spawn
    • Added Precision tool and SmartSnap for all users
    • Changed max printers limit from 2 to 10 (per type)
    • Increased starting cash from $500 to $1000
    • Made all doors start locked on start
    • Increased donator glow on scoreboard
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    RIP Server
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  4. Gaw discord is my friend now

    I put it online a few days ago to see if there would be any activity at all. If there is, i'll invest some more time and money into it.
  5. Jolly Long Arm The Moon... It's far away!

    oh wow i didn't even know always ends up a troll fest but still fun

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