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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Disco_Indigo, 25 Apr 2009.

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    is a sad day :( i really would like to see what will happen when everyone is up im kinda pissed off tbh, my close mates have left, i bet later on its gna be WAY moar
  2. don't think of it as the begining of the end think of it as the start of somthing new
  3. Next one whose gonna be leaving is piss when he comes back on monday so dont go emowave it aswell
  4. Cookiecaster |/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\

    actually ash has left, so he beat piss to it.
    woo has just left
  5. Knud Phat beats only

    Too bad you're leaving Disco, but you'll play on the servers from to time?

    Kinda ironic (for me), I started to speak and sing on the server, and you leave that same night.
  6. Things will improve eventually.
  7. A truly sad, sad day,

  8. Things will indeed change, it is sad that people are leaving but that does not mean the community is dead now. It just means some people have left and that's it! There will still be people being active on the forums that support GM as well as they can (I know I'm one of them). Though I can only really support the community by posting on the forums and occasionally pop up in your servers, it still is better than nothing, right? Right.

    So basically what I'm saying is that this is just a new beginning. Dark made the right decision here I'd say. When it was still a clan everything was way too divided between private clan members and regular community members. Now it will all be community so everyone is equal. I really don't see GM dying any time soon unless everyone suddenly leaves. But even then as long as the leader is motivated to keep it alive, it can be kept alive, even with all new members.

    Conclusion, stop panicking and going emo about these changes. Change is always scary at the star for most people, but a lot of times you end up actually preferring these changes. You will refer to the past GM as "ah the good old times .." and then just carry on with your business again :)

    /end essay
  9. Spykodemon Disabled account

    As danny would say

    fucking SPOT ON.
  10. Spykodemon Disabled account

  11. Damn
  12. Sorry to see you leave (again :P), you were the life and soul of GM from the first day you joined ;)
  13. Cookiecaster |/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\

  14. Good luck with the real life stuff Disco, I'll miss you.
  15. This is a very sad day, but good luck in the future mate!
  16. Its hard to be number 2 ;-)
  17. Fromage "The Cheese"

    Well, you're nr 1 now so stop whining. ;-)

  18. BeauChaotica bodyshot noob


    Dang. I always knew you were a crackety-ass cracker :D

    Wish you all the best matey :)
  19. gl m8. u did great on your deputy role.

    Stick around on the server disco :D

    we should organise a friday/saturday disco night every two weeks or so :D

    not on db server, make it on the payload servers.

  20. with all my heart; have a great life disco!

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