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  1. Disco_Indigo Moving House

    Hi Guys,

    Just to let you know i'm moving house and won't have full internet connection until 1/7/08. Will still have web access at Mum's though (i think).

    Enjoy the peace and quiet!!

    Happy hunting

    Disco :)
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    Have fun? :lol:
    Let's wish you have good ISP customer service.
  3. Re: Disco_Indigo Moving House

    yep, had no internet for about 2 weeks when we moved here where i'm now :)
    *watches Disco cry* :lol:
  4. Re: Disco_Indigo Moving House

    GM tips 101


    When healing GM Indigo.. be cautious!..

    you dont want to be hearing loud noises in your ears..

    "wait.. just a minute.. wait.. pop it now.. pop it now.. I SAID POP IT!.. "

    hEhehe.. dont make indi wait with ur uber..

  5. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: Disco_Indigo Moving House

    He's never abusive if you do it too late :o

    Just...sounds depressed :D
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    I am beginning to loath BT.

    I have broadband but no internet, what does that mean aarrgh!!

    Hopefully be back on next couple of days......

    Disco "now reading books, painting and writing wonderful works of poetry" Indigo!

    ps Sexsi i get more upset when you go and stab my medic in the back gggrrrr ;)

    pps Still in the top 50 lol :D
  7. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: Disco_Indigo Moving House

    I'm going to guess they gave you a BT homehub...

    To connect to the internet through a hub you need too:

    1.Go to http://bthomehub/ - This should bring you to the homehub API
    2. click on the connect button just above all the connection statistics
    3. check if it works :D

    4.If you are using wireless make sure you set the wireless channel to 10 (improved speed and range)
  8. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: Disco_Indigo Moving House

    If its not, poke BT hard.

    I need my heavy :D
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    yeah Geitiegg right. I also got a BT Hub, they gave me a newer one too, small than the first BT hub. also i got BT Vision now! for free, i mean the BT vision device, but only pay £4.50 for subscriptions.

    Geitiegg, what option ya got?

    meh, 3! ;)

    oh it annoy to get hold of customer services, cos you end up talking to someone in India first!!
  10. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: Disco_Indigo Moving House

    They gave me some big annoying white box that has flashing lights and keeps me up all night.

    Oh they also gave a phone for it.
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    lol, you mean the BT vision?
  12. Geit Coding wizard!

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    :lol: that one i had three weeks ago, BT gave us a newer version 1.5 <---- click for picture

    Home Hub Version 1.5 Arrives

    and my speed has improved, it was 2524 kb/s on average but now it 4822 kb/s on average download speed.

    we only been with BT for three years now. want to try virgin but BT has cut down the prices for us, so we stayed
  14. Geit Coding wizard!

    Re: Disco_Indigo Moving House

    Virgin is very bad. they restrict bandwidth from 5pm till 10pm, No high-speed online gaming during those times. And you can't be download torrents or they cut your internet off without warning :o
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    :lol: thanks for info, most likely to stick with BT!
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    AOL UK = best.

    No bandwidth restrictions AT ALL (trust me, I easily download over 100gb per month and have had no problems).
    As far as I know, NO monitoring (because my router is logging in to their server directly rather than using the utterly shit software they provide)

    And best of all, full speed at all times. 8mbit = 950-1050kb/s.

    I'm so happy I signed up when they were stupid enough to offer all that because they have to keep their original contract terms. :D (they don't offer anywhere near as much any more :P - 10gb usage allowance etc.)

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