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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Core, 20 Sep 2008.

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  1. Discuss: Recruitment System

    GM needs to cater for both the fun and competitive players. Please suggest changes to the criteria originally drafted by Tricky and Waebi.

    This clan is nothing without its members which is why I am asking for everyone's input on this matter :)

    Tell me, what do you all want?


    Muchas gracias
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  3. Re: Discuss: Recruitment System

    Well here's my idea:

    Open applications to anyone, but before a vote is made, the person applying must remain active in TF2 (either on our servers or PUGs) over a two week period and play at least one (two?) PUGs to verify that they aren't complete noobs. Also, they need to show that they are capable of playing classes that are useful in matches and they also need at least two of the following:

    • A good KD (depends on their main class)[/*:m:3gic9cw2]
    • At least 100 hours played on their main class[/*:m:3gic9cw2]
    • Verified good communications skills (can be in public servers or PUGs)[/*:m:3gic9cw2]
    • Accepted into a Match Team (this overrides the two week thing mentioned above)[/*:m:3gic9cw2]

    It shouldn't be too hard to keep track of the applications, even if they stack up quite a bit - all we have to do is record the time played in TF2 and get them to provide demos of the PUGs. The rest can just come from HLStatsX/Steam/GM members.

    The above shit as achievements: :lol:

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    ^this ;)
  5. eoN

    Re: Discuss: Recruitment System

    Okay im going to be completely honest, at first when i saw the recruitment thingy i was like :| and i thought that it was slightly rude for GM to look for 'pro' (ish) people when they already have about 50% average players (from what i had seen)


    Now that i look back i think i have improved alot since becoming a recruit and i think i will keep improving, i also think if you have to do pugs to be a recruit everyone in the clan should play at least 1 pug because i doubt EVERYONE has... but this completely depends on what GM wants, do they still want people that will work hard to get into GM or do they want to give people an easy route in?

    If i had had an easy route in then i doubt i would of bothered practicing so much because to be honest like alot of people im a lazy bastard... I've seen other clan's that fill up with people that don't want matches and i've seen how much they suck when they play matches.

    So... i think the GM leaders (maybe all GM's) should have a vote of what sort of clan they want this to be, a high skilled competitive clan, a fun clan, or a fun clan with high skilled competitive teams because GM can't say "Oh we want our recruits to be the best" when not all their members are the best, get what i mean?
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    hrm hrm *clears throat*
    So far i have seen (irc names and no order, correct me if you have...):
    Th- (80)
    ElectroMagnetic (4)
    Tricky^ (29)
    KennethJ (7)
    eoN^ (25)
    WalkingT (31)
    CORE (35)
    GeneSIS^ (106)
    Bammm (25)
    GMFMyke (32)
    Bennett (7)
    waebi (197 and some subs :P)
  7. eoN

    Re: Discuss: Recruitment System

    Im meaning the people that ARE NOT in teams etc the 'fun' side of the clan.

    I know that most of the people in teams play PUGs but i'm meaning the OTHERS :P
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    wel eon, these are the ones that PLAYED, regardless if they have a team or not... thats why.
  9. eoN

    Re: Discuss: Recruitment System

    Yeah i know I'm just saying that you have to play PUGs to get into GM but if your already in it you dont.
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    why not? I got some to do it, and the ones who dont will notice that it's fun and join in, i'm sure there.
  11. eoN

    Re: Discuss: Recruitment System

    My point is some people might see it as rude to say we want people to be the best and play all these PUGs when a fair few already in the clan have never even played a PUG...

    Just saying my opinion :roll:
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    We ask you to play pugs, becourse want to see of you are able to think.. and play a match.. without being a noob.. Pugs are great to spot that..
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    If we go with my system, applicants only need to do a couple of PUGs, just to prove they are able to handle match situations as all GM members should.

    It also makes it easy for match teams to bypass the system when recruiting, but still keeps things fair. :)
  14. eoN

    Re: Discuss: Recruitment System

    Yeah i know and it works. My point is i dont think all GM members have played a match / pug and maybe they should? Im not saying make it mandatory but i dunno forget i said anything
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    You are right.. alot wouldnt be able to join the clan.. if they should reapply.. but .. thats just the way it is atm :)
  16. eoN

    Re: Discuss: Recruitment System

  17. eoN

    Re: Discuss: Recruitment System

    Why not make it teams can recruit people but after ETF2l if the people want to stay in GM they have to apply normally?
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    I disagree with 'Must have x amount of time played as class y'
    I see no reason why I, for example, wouldnt be able to join the clan due to a requirement such as that.
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    First of all:
    @eoN: I see your point and you i completely agree with you. If GM have had such a hard recruitment system in the past, i wouldn't wear a [GM] tag. Or lets say i wouldn't be a member since ... (guess) ... 3 months?4? dunno...

    @Anathema: true if it is a mandatory property of the player. If you haven't played the class a lot you have to show your skill in a different manner. KPD or PUGskill e.g.

    I agree with Disco that this clan shouldn't be pro only, and some of our most active members in this forum are not in a league playing team. (I don't cound E as serious team till they play more, and play on an official league). There are some attributes that are of great value for the clan even if the player is not the next 4k^*. Coming up with new good ideas. Help gluing the clan together. Map creating skills. whatever... Match performance shouldn't be the only criteria. The criteria i personally rate the most is the "Long Time Affinity" to the clan. We have had a lot ppl that joined the clan with good attitude and high participation, but after a month or two they faded away. Like: FatsO-. Was quite active at the beginning, should be kicked from the clan by now. One way to improve this situation is to make the recruitment system not too easy so that only those players join, who are likely to still play TF2 in a few months. You'll never know for sure, but i don't what the so called (in austria, so called:) flash in the pan effect.

    A completely new idea is:
    why not dividing the clan into slots:
    20fun slots
    4team slots (max 10/12 per team)

    To become a member of the fun part of the clan the recruitment system is not as hard as it is now. I don't have an idea how to change it yet.

    For the 4 team slots the teams decide on their own how they wonna recruit. Only by testing in PCWs, or playing PUGs. The most important thing is that the fun part of the clan mustn't be able to interfere into the team-specific recruitment systems.

    On the other way this might split the clan.
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    You guys know how I feel about the recruitmet issue i.e. refer to my proposed compromise on Core's post on this thread, which tries to cater for both types of players and was generally received quite well.

    Yes you are probably right that half the clan couldn't pass in playing a match, but im guessing that this half wouldn't want to play with you anyway so its not a problem :)

    Just because you don't play on a team doesn't mean you don't contribute something to the clan. There are alot of regular GM players who play on the "spam" pub servers who actively encourage and help new players and these players tend to want to come back and WANT to join the clan. The clan isnt all about skill, but I agree it should be recognised, as I said before turn the "spam" (Yes I will keep quoting "spam") PUB servers off and turn them into PUG servers and you will soon see.

    Basically The recruitment camp is split between two camps. One wants highly skilled players to represent GM, the other want an active more rounded good player known to most GM players who can contribute more then just skill.

    I think this can be seen by current recruitments where the people "in charge" of recruitment are fast tracking people "highly skilled" but not known by the majority of GM clan members for team winning purposes. I haven't got a problem with this, refer to my compromise....

    Whereas we have players like Tonkamania who is known, liked, supportive to new players, and a regular player (ranked 7th in HLstats for crying out loud!), is still awaiting someone to get there finger out and make a decision since his initial membership request in August 08!!!

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