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    Hi Guys,

    Keep practicing for the 6 v 6 team, i am now off on holliday till about the 16th of feb. If i can i will try and view the forums form time to time, to see how things are going. but i dont know what internet access will be like, so best of luck and i will see you all when i get back. Happy Gamming.


    P.S this is an average TF2 soli,
    And this is a Div3 i think....
    A Div1 demo man.....

    6V6 Soli View...

    These are 6 v 6 games. Both have no krtiz unless using the kritz uber.
  2. Th-

    Re: DjShrew Holl's

    Nice videos Dj but you're kinda putting an awful lot of expectations on your crew eh... Anyway, aim to that kind of play and you'll do fine. ... p?t=792794 This is just for your kind of a team, check it out
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    Enjoy your holiday drew and have fun ;)
  4. Cookiecaster |/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\|/\|/|/\|/\

    Re: DjShrew Holl's

    ty shrew that video helped :D and have nice time at holiday mate =D
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    Btw Shintaz = div 2, and I wouldn't let Frozenshit find out you'd called him 'average'...
  6. Re: DjShrew Holl's

    lol do it piss =P

    have fun on ur hols
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    He is average. Either that or he doesn't show anything better in the vid.
    Then again neither does justice's vid.
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    Well, the vid is 6 months old and it's not as 'good' as Fragga's vid / Shintaz's vid / other epic solly vids, but then what do frag vids prove in the first place? Nowt. Exactly. But suggesting that an 'average' soldier is as good as that may be a bit misleading - what do you mean by 'average'? Average for ETF2L? So div 3-ish? Yeah that's div 3 right there, but average for a soldier playing in a brand new 6 v 6 team? Hell no.
  9. Re: DjShrew Holl's

    Average as in, the video shows nothing that an average div5 soldier can't do.
    He just rushes in fully buffed against enemies low on health and rapes them with a fully loaded clip of rockets.
    His enemies can't aim at all either.
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    Have fun man, hopefully by the time you get back I will have a similar vid and then you won't have to die

  11. Re: DjShrew Holl's

    They are the extream level, but it was just to show guys the kind of skills that they can develop.
    im sure we are all a long way off play time wise, but it would be awsum to gain these levels of skill.
    And you can learn alot form watching good players in action, or atleast i can anway.

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