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  1. Looks like the server's power supply is on the way out (50,000 hour MTBF was spot on), so going to have to ask for donations again

    Thankfully server grade PSUs are not as stupidly expensive as other parts, so I only need £65. Will be replacing with a 350W Seasonic gold rated PSU


    Pls donate via Paypal to:

    Donations so far:
    • £15 - me
    • €60 - Queen
    • £30 - Joel
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  2. Queenie Don't tell me what to do!!!

    Donated 60 euros. Not sure if its enough though.
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  3. Jolly Long Arm The Moon... It's far away!

    sent £30 to top off queens and allow you to buy a takeaway with the change if any

    Dark £15
    Queen £47
    me £30

    total £92 you best get a fucking good psu you piece of shit @Dark
    (hint:Silverstone Strider SST-SX600-G SFX Modular 80PLUS Gold Semi Fanless PSU)
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  4. Many thanks queen and joel :)

    Parts are ordered, this psu and some misc stuff to tidy up the wiring and screw stuff in properly
  5. So 6 weeks late it's all fitted

    pics incoming later
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  6. pics as promised


    ^ City Reach, the building the datacenter is in


    ^ nice clean xeon ready for re-pasting


    ^ Appreciate how thin this thing is and yet it can still cool like 90W worth of CPU


    ^ Old dodgy PSU


    ^ new psu installed


    ^ another angle


    ^ it's ridiculous how much smaller and lighter it is than the one it replaced. the old one filled the entire space


    ^ psu label


    ^ casually making a mess of the DC floor



    ^ one of the 10,000rpm case fans had partially seized, fucking piece of shit

    inb4 it was triggering short circuit protection in the psu and the old psu was actually fine (it was connected directly to the psu with nothing else in series)

    have now wired 4 out of the 5 remaining case fans into motherboard headers so can keep track of future fan failures
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  7. LewyJudge12 I hate 90% of you

    where r the selfies bruh

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