"Downsampling" : Crysis

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Obaruler, 22 Jul 2009.

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    "Downsampling" : Crysis

    This is an idea, that came up in my fav. german geek/hardware forums 10 months ago: Downsampling. Now we finally got some nice screens to show the high-detail level effect of it.

    The idea is to force an extreme resolution in a game via console, in this case we were running Crysis on a 30inch screen with 2560x1600 native resolution with an ingame resolution of 6400x4000 pixels.

    Well, the screen cant display this extreme resolution, so the game engine decides to "downsample" it. The game is still beeing rendered in 6400x4000 ( you can feel it, pathetic framerate with a GTX 285 SLI setup xD), but to be able to display it, its downsampled to 2560x1600. The positive effect is, that because of the higher original internal resolution, the game is able to make a way more detailed Anti-Aliasing / AF, because there are more pixels to work with in the background, so effect is, that you can have real 6,25x SuperSampling-AA (2,5x2,5).

    As result, you have almost no more Aliasing/Edges you would be able to see, the optical quality is outrageous, but see for yourself:

    Edit: http://www.grinshare.com/img/QTWKKB.jpg
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    Re: "Downsampling" : Crysis

    Hotlinking not allowed, naughty oba...

    But yeah, perdy.
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    Re: "Downsampling" : Crysis

    Yeye ..... edited it, just follow the link ....
  4. Longbow Victorique <3

    Re: "Downsampling" : Crysis

    Fail link failed
  5. Re: "Downsampling" : Crysis

    links still fail =)

    upload the screen to img kk
    (well img kk got some error atm, "-Database error. :(" )

    try this http://www.grinshare.com/
  6. Obaruler German Rager/Spamer

  7. Re: "Downsampling" : Crysis

    Man that's pretty...
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