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  1. Gaw discord is my friend now

    GM now has a private Drugs Discussion section, following many requests. I've compiled an FAQ below to answer any concerns you may have:

    What will this section accomplish?
    1. Funnels all drug discussion into the section, which is safer for members and for AdSense purposes.
    2. Promotes education of correct drug usage, which could dispel myths and improve safety.
    3. Highlights a new common interest which could create or improve friendship.
    4. Removes the need to go to other websites for the exact same purpose.
    Where is the section located?
    In the 'Private Forums' node near the bottom of the site. You can only enter the section if you have gained access.

    How do you gain access?

    The only people eligible are those that use drugs or have done so in the past. If you fall into that category, send me a PM or Steam message to join!

    Doesn't the creation of this section promote drug use?
    Not at all. Only existing/past drug users can gain access to the section; it's simply another avenue for discussion.

    Why is 'Drugs' misspelled in the title of the section?

    A request from Dark as an AdSense precaution.
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