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  1. Earphone Advice

    Hey guys,

    I need a little advice on some new earphones. My current earphones (http://www.sennheiser.co.uk/uk/home...hones_classic-line_cxseries_500939?Open&row=1) have lasted me about a year, but now the wire has gone dodgy and so quite often the sound will cut out in one side.

    I aint too bothered on price (as long as it isn't just stupidly expensive), and I want something that will last a while and has very good quality / lifespan :P
    I use the earphones for music, my phone, laptop, pretty much most things.

    Soo... any advice on what to go for?

    Much <3

    EDIT: If they have possibility to replace the cable, that'd be a bonus
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    I've had Sony ones before, but they just generally seemed to be not as good quality as the Sennheiser earphones. With my current CX500 earphones the mesh cap got a bit blocked up and was pretty much impossible for me to clean. Had to pry them out and then clean em, but couldn't put them back in afterwards.
    I probably will go with Sennheiser again, just unsure of which are the better quality earphones to go for. There's some other good premium brands but i've completely forgotten the names so hopefully some of you can suggest others.
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    Re: Earphone Advice

    I love how you guys all go the high end brands while I just go for anything and nothing and it lasts for 5 years and only cost £1.50...
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    Both of those seem pretty nice. I am currently trying to find a rather premium one though with a replaceable cable (just incase), and doesn't look completely retarded :P If not i'll probs go with the more expensive Shure earphones.
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    Re: Earphone Advice

    I use Sennheiser PMX100 for my mp3 player.
    You need to wear them over the ears, but the sound is pretty good :)
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    Re: Earphone Advice

    Just what I was thinking.

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